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Who can you trust to work on your home?

Your house is supposed to be your castle, and the one place that you can count on to keep your loved ones and the items you own safe from the outside. It’s also supposed to be somewhere comfortable and a place that you look forward to returning after a hard day of work. But when things start to go wrong in your house, that sense of comfort can be replaced with a sense of dread. But who can you trust to work on this important place?

You don’t want just any person coming into your home, and the same should hold true for the contractors you choose to fix it as well. That’s why you should always go with All Around Maintenance INC. As the best value for a gutter cleaner in Beaverton, we’ll give you that sense of security when you choose us to work on your roof, gutter, or deck because we respect your property and we respect you.

Leave roof work to the professionals

There are many repairs that a resourceful person can make on their own, even if they don’t have all of the proper tools. But roof work shouldn’t be one of these areas. A mistake on a roof repair can have catastrophic results that will require an expert to fix, so why not save the trouble and have them come first?

Roof Repairs

Roof Cleaning Services in Beaverton-OR

One of the most challenging sections of home improvement work is doing repairs on a roof. Roof work requires an extra focus on safety and precise coordination to do the work properly without endangering anyone or the property.

  • Ladder injuries are one of the most common types of injuries from attempting work on the home. Improper stability, faulty design, and bad angling are some of the many reasons why anyone who doesn’t know the right way to use this tool should avoid it.
  • DeterminingĀ the extent of roof damage can be a challenge without the proper training. But our roofers come prepared with the right tools and knowledge to do just that. We make sure to do the right type of repair work without doing any extra services that aren’t needed, which saves you money.
  • You can trust us not to do any kind of work that we’re unfamiliar with. Some contractors will take any job and can do more harm than good, but we know our expertise. We know metal, roofing, and shake roofs well, but we aren’t familiar with tile and cedar roofs, but can refer you to someone that is.
  • There are many parts of a roof, and we can fix them all. And not all of them are visible at the surface. Some things that we’ll check for are billowing, blistering, shrinkage, punctures, leaks, blow-offs, improper installation, and much more.

Roof Cleaning

Having a clean roof might not seem like a priority, but if you go too long without cleaning it, you may be putting your roof at risk. But doing the cleaning is no easy task; unless you have the experience and proper tools like we do at All Around Maintenance.

  • A pressure washer can be difficult to handle on the ground, and is even more complicated when trying to use it on the roof! Fortunately, our roofers are well-trained and have plenty of practice so this isn’t an issue.
  • Moss is more than unsightly; it can be dangerous. But moss also makes your roof extremely slippery and is hard to remove and should be left to the professionals because of this.
  • You may have requirements for roof cleanliness in your HOA bylaws. If this is a concern, show them to us and we’ll make sure that your roof meets their guidelines so you don’t have any trouble.

We’ll check your gutters too

Gutters are deceptively complicated to clean and repair. They’re also a crucial part of your home that you can’t avoid to neglect. So what can you do? If routine cleaning and removing leaves isn’t enough, you should give us a call to come by and see what’s going wrong. Sometimes what seems to be a clog can in fact be a problem with bowing or the gutter slope, which can be hard to figure out if you aren’t familiar with gutters. We clean and maintain gutters as well as fix many other issues with your gutters.

Have a deck? Let us take a look!

Along with being roof and gutter experts, at All Around Maintenance, we know decks too. If you have a deck that feels a bit off, it might not be your imagination. It could be wood that’s rotting and on its last legs! If you suspect that there might be an issue with your deck, let us come by and make sure. We’ll fix any problems we find or let you know it’s a-okay and nothing to worry about!


Contrary to its name, Beaverton isĀ not home to an absurd amount of dam-building rodents; although they’re certainly around! Originally called Beaverdam, early settlers respected the native name of Chakeipi–place of the beaver–and chose a similar name in English. Next, they decided that instead of being a place to keep people out, it should be a booming, welcoming town, and so went to work on a railroad and other transport roads. It quickly became an economic success due to its proximity to Portland and other Oregon cities.

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Now, Beaverton is a popular place because of its combination of urban convenience and nature trails. One of these is the Lowami Hart Woods Natural Area, a 28-acre nature preserve that recently reopened to the public in 2014. The park includes several trails and even a brand new bridge near one of the entrances.

Along with nature, Beaverton has a buzzing nightlife as well. And nowhere is that more abundant than at the Beaverton Night Market. Many local markets focus on being open during the daytime and festivities end around 5 PM. The opposite is true at the night market, where 5 PM is only the beginning. Art, local food, and plenty of unique items are for sale at this popular market!

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