Camas, WA

Get the cleaning and repairs you need in Camas WA

Once you notice a problem with your home, it’s only the beginning. And unfortunately, it won’t magically go away if you close your eyes and pretend that it doesn’t exist. One of the most common ways that significant problems develop with a person’s home exterior is because they put off getting it fixed for too long. After all, what if the service technician you call to your Camas home finds a lot more issues than you knew about?

If you work with an honest company like All Around Maintenance INC, this could actually be a blessing in disguise. We’re always honest and upfront with our clients, and if we find a major concern when we’re at your home, we’ll let you know about it. Of course, we only work with your authorization, but we believe it’s better to know now than to have a nasty surprise later! We provide gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and deck cleaning along with inspections and repairs.

We’ve got your roof covered

Your roof takes care of you and provides a shelter where you can feel safe and secure. But who takes care of your roof? If you let us be the caretaker for your roof, we’ll make it in better condition than ever before. Offering both roof cleaning and roof repairs, we can do everything from addressing HOA violations to putting on a brand new roof on for you.

Roof cleaning

If your roof has a few dirty spots on it, it’s often not a big deal. Being outside, there’s no avoiding it! However, if enough dirt or grime get on it, you can start to have problems.

  • Moss is a living plant, meaning that unlike dirt, a little bit can become widespread over time. The individual spores are small enough to infiltrate tiny cracks and can start growing from within, and since moss absorbs water, it can expand in freezing temperatures and cause damage to your roof.
  • Dirt and grime tend to absorb more sunlight than roofing materials–materials that often reflect a good portion of these rays–meaning that your attic can heat up faster than if the roof was clear. This can increase your cooling costs, additional expenses that add up month after month.
  • Home owner’s associatons sometimes have rules about what can and can’t be on your roof. Ignoring these rules can leave you with hefty fines, money that could go towards fixing the problems. If you have an HOA citation, we can make sure our roof work meets their expectations.

Roof Repairs

As your local experts for roof repair in Camas, we can handle many common and uncommon repairs you need for your roof. Some of our repair work includes fixing:

  • Poor workmanship or previous repairs done wrong
  • Broken, missing, or loose sections
  • Pooling water or roof leaks
  • Blistering, tenting, shrinkage, and punctures
  • Improperly installed flashing or shingles
  • And much much more!

Roof Cleaning Services in Camas-WA

We’ll reverse any gutter problems

Like your roof, your gutters serve an important purpose: to make sure rainwater and roof runoff is directed to the right place and drains safely. There are many reasons why your gutters might stop working, but they tend to come down to being dirty or needing to be repaired.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Your gutters will get dirty over time, no matter what environment they’re in. But especially in a forest environment like Camas, clogged gutters are unavoidable. The best and easiest way to stop major gutter clogs is to clean your gutters out regularly. We recommend twice a year. But if it’s too late for that, you can give us a call and we’ll come over and remove any clogs and make sure that your gutters are working properly. We can even do a comprehensive cleaning that includes disinfectants to prohibit mildew and mold growth.

Gutter Repairs

If we notice any structural problems, or if our tests don’t meet our strict standards, we’ll do a thorough inspection to look for any problem areas that need repairs. We test your entire gutter system when we do this so that we can be absolutely sure that it’s working as it should. If not, we pinpoint the problem and make it right.

Time to go out on your deck again!

If you’ve been avoiding your deck because it’s slippery or needs repairs, that doesn’t have to stop you! Give our team a call and we’ll send the right people over for deck cleaning or repairs.

Deck cleaning and repairs

A broom and dustpan won’t be enough if your deck is more dirt than the original wood. Power washers and special cleaners, along with practiced techniques from an experienced hand, are often all required to see it done right. Luckily, we have all that at All Around Maintenance! Along with deck cleaning, we can also do small to major deck repairs including guardrail installation and replacing weak or rotten boards.


Handyman Services in Camas-WATaking it’s name from the flower known as the Camas lily, (not the much more dangerous “Death Camas”) Camas, Washington, is a blossoming city along the Columbia River on Washington State’s southern border. With a small river beach that’s great for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and more, residents and visitors alike can enjoy the mist from the water on a hot summer’s day, or dive down for a quick splash.

Known for the Camas Paper Mill, paper has always been a big part of city culture. The local high school even sports the name Camas Papermakers–an unusual mascot with regards to the usual animal mascots–due to the importance of paper to the community. However, with the advent of the digital age, the staple of Camas is shrinking and the paper mill is slated to reduce operations as the demand for paper is no longer what it used to be.

But there’s more to Camas than just the mill. With more than 110 years of history, downtown Camas has several unique and old buildings that are still in working order. Prune Hill, for example, is at the base of the Boring Lava Cone, though no molten lava is expected to erupt from within.

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