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Deck Cleaning

A deck is an integral part of any property. It provides a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors, creating the perfect backdrop whether it’s in front of or behind a property. Once dirt builds up, it can make enjoying a deck much more difficult. Dirt isn’t just an eyesore though. It can lead to physical and bodily damage. The best way to keep your deck maintained is with deck cleaning Portland trusts from All Around Maintenance INC.

Professional deck cleaning that does more!

Many property owners don’t even realize that deck cleaning Portland decks is one of the best ways to maintain their deck. There are a number of complications that occur when decks aren’t cleaned. Just some of the benefits deck cleaning provides include:

  • Maintain your decks appearance – Sun and rain can damage your deck. UV radiation wears away paint, and rain can cause wood to rot. Our deck cleaning is incredibly thorough. We sweep off and remove major debris before carefully pressure washing away dirt and grime. This is the most efficient way to get complete cleaning before continuing.
  • Maintain your personal safety – Without regular deck cleaning, Portland decks can quickly succumb to moss, mold, and mildew buildup. This can get tracked in-doors or blow inside where it can continue to thrive. It also presents a major slipping hazard, and may conceal areas of rot. Decks that are never cleaned hide rot damage, and this can lead to major injury and restoration costs down the line.
  • Preserve your deck – We take steps to ensure your deck isn’t just clean, but protected. When paired with our staining or protectorant services, deck cleaning restores your deck and ensures it can stand up to the elements. Regularly scheduled deck cleanings preserve and significantly increase the lifespan of your deck.

Expert Deck Cleaning With a Difference

Get the most from your deck!

Expertise – Our deck cleaners are thoroughly experienced. They are skilled with our equipment and know how to properly analyze the condition of a deck. This is a major determining factor in pressure washing. Different decking materials and conditions may require unique nozzles and specific spray distance. This keeps your deck safe from damage while still providing a deep clean. We can achieve the kind of clean that removes all grime, mold, mildew, debris, and other hazards without the risk of damage.

Equipment – We only use the highest quality equipment for a complete and safe clean. Our pressure washers are designed for precision and made to give our deck cleaners the maximum level of control. Paired with our knowledge and extensive experience, we’ll provide careful and detailed cleaning that leaves your deck revitalized.

Service – Our dedication to customer satisfaction has made us one of the most popular choices for deck cleaning Portland property owners depend on. No matter the size of the deck, material, or condition, we provide cleaning that renews and restores. You deserve the most from your deck, and we can help you get it safely and affordably.

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