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Deck Repair


Your deck is a wonderful investment. It allows you a space to get out and enjoy your own outdoor space while adding monetary value to your home. However, when a deck is in bad shape it can go from being your backyard oasis to a hazard. All Around Maintenance INC offers affordable, quality deck repair Vancouver, WA relies on. We keep your deck looking beautiful and functional all year.

The surface of a deck is exposed to the elements. The heat and sun can warp a deck, even causing it to splinter. In the wet months mold and mildew are a destructive force on a deck. If these factors continue without deck cleaning or deck repair, they can easily become costly damage that can completely ruin the structure of your deck. A deck replacement is much more time consuming and costly than regular deck maintenance and deck restoration.

Benefits of deck repair

When you keep your deck clean and in good repair it remains a usable space year-round. There are many benefits to this upkeep.

  • Beautify your yard – As one of the main focal points in your yard, a deck plays a major role in the aesthetics. While you upkeep your landscaping, it only makes sense to get regular deck repair as well.
  • Safety – As mentioned above, a splintered or moldy deck creates a hazard. Pets or children running over an uneven, splintered deck can wrench an ankle or get wood pieces in their bare feet. Mildew and mold set up the perfect slip-and-fall hazard which can result in a major injury. Quality deck repair Vancouver WA families need keeps these hazards in check.
  • Resale value – Whether you want to sell your home or not, keeping the deck in its best condition eliminates the need for a future replacement and helps uphold the value of your home.
  • Longer lasting deck – When you keep up with deck cleaning and deck refinishing the deck will last longer.

Quality Deck Refinishing and Deck Repair Vancouver WA Trusts

We have offered deck refinishing and deck repair Vancouver, WA homeowners have trusted since 1999. In that time we have won many awards from customer-based review sites such as Angie’s List. Our excellent customer reviews are due to our commitment to affordable, quality workmanship. We believe in getting even the smallest details right and delivering the best service possible to our customers.deck-repair-services-vancouver-wa

When it comes to deck repair Vancouver, WA benefits from most we start with a good, thorough cleaning. If your deck has been getting regular maintenance or is new, this may be the only service you need. If so, we will be open and honest about it. If you need a little more, we move on to deck staining. We offer a large variety of colors and tones of wood stain for you to choose from. Next we finish your deck repair with a top-quality sealant to ensure your deck is protected from the elements for as long as possible.

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