Deck Restoration Portland

Deck Restoration

Is your old deck starting to look its age, or newer deck suffering damage beyond its time? Winter and summer both pose unique problems for your deck, causing varying levels of damage that can make a deck unsightly, unsafe, and under prepared to stand up to the elements. Call All Around Maintenance INC for deck restoration in Portland deck owners trust to breath new life into their decks. Whether its due to natural or premature aging, pests, or other causes, make us your first call when you want to affordably restore your deck.

Why should you choose professional restoration?

There are a number of excellent reasons to consider restoring your deck before even considering a replacement:


  1. Restoration helps your deck last up to twice as long. When you treat a deck like you do the inside of your house, making sure it’s clean and properly maintained, it can actually last up to twice as long as a deck that isn’t maintained. This saves you money in the long run as it is much cheaper to perform restoration than it is to have it completely replaced.
  2. Our team can fix safety problems that make a deck unusable. A damaged deck can cause injuries. When your wood deck is left unprotected from the elements, the constant cycling of soaking in water and drying out causes the wood to splinter and warp. Without taking protective measures like refinishing and the use of a deck sealer, Portland decks experience warping. This can lead to uneven surfaces and large splinters. Water damage can even cause the wood to rot. Rot may require a total deck replacement in addition to creating an incredibly unsafe environment. Family members and guests can fall through rotten planking, and rotten posts can hurt the integrity of the whole deck.
  3. Restore the original beauty of your deck. A beautiful deck can make a world of difference in your outdoor experience. We’ll return your deck to its natural state. Cleaning, sanding, and staining the wood can remove even decades of wear. This allows the color of the wood to return and makes your whole yard much more appealing.
  4. Add value to your home without replacing your entire deck. – Restorative efforts are one of the most cost effective ways that homes can increase their value. Our services are much cheaper than getting a deck rebuilt. We will ensure that your deck gets the attention it needs using the best deck restoring products.

Comprehensive Deck Restorers


We can perform a number of services to restore your deck to its previous glory. Our contractors are fully trained provide minor repairs and full restorative services. If a deck needs some minor prep work before we move onto the larger steps, we’re fully prepared to handle the task. After that we carefully clean your deck so that it is free of all dirt, debris, and mold.

You choose the stain, we’ll do the hard part.

Once the deck is dry we enlist your help in choosing an appropriate stain color when options are available, or recommend one to compliment and bring out the natural color of your wood deck. After staining, the deck is sealed, so that all the work we’ve done to ensure your deck is beautiful stays that way. When sealants are used in deck restoration, Portland decks keep moisture out, crack and splinter less, and have a long life.

Don’t buy a new deck. Bring the deck you already own back to life with our professional restoration services. We do the job right, fast, and fair.

Other Services Include: