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Deck Restoration

Does your older deck look its age, or is your newer deck suffering from premature damage? Summer and winter present unique hazards for your deck. They both cause damage that can make your deck unsafe, unsightly, and under prepared to weather harsh elements. At All Around Maintenance INC our deck restoration in Vancouver, WA is designed to counteract damage caused by age, weather, and wear.

Make us your first choice for deck restoration in Vancouver, WA and enjoy a wide array of benefits.

Deck Restoration Benefits


  • Deck restoration increase longevity – When you properly maintain a deck it can last as much as twice as long as a deck without regular maintenance. With an average deck lasting between 10 and 15 years, halving that time can really cost you. Decks can cost thousands of dollars. Professional deck restoration in Vancouver, WA is a fraction of the cost of a new deck, so don’t buy one when our technicians can restore what you already own.
  • Deck restoration provides safety – Both physical and elemental damage can lead to injury. Unprotected decks soak water up instead of repelling it. This continual soaking and drying warps and splinters wood. This is often the cause of uneven surfaces, which lead to falls. Without deck restoration in Vancouver, WA this can also cause wood rot. Rot may require a total deck replacement, and can lead to serious and life threatening injuries when beams cave in with people on them.
  • Deck restoration improves aesthetics – A gorgeous deck can really make your front or backyard come to life. They don’t just accentuate your home, but make the whole area more inviting. Our deck restoration in Vancouver, WA restores the natural beauty of your deck. It allows the wood grain and natural colors to take center stage, increasing the appeal and enjoyment of your deck.
  • Deck restoration creates value – When you want a cost effective deck solution, nothing beats deck restoration in Vancouver, WA. Our services ensure your deck gets the care and treatment it needs for a long life. Our services are performed by some of the areas most skilled technicians.

Comprehensive Deck Restorers

We offer a number of different services to restore your deck to a pre-wear state. Our deck restoration in Vancouver, WA experts are fully trained to perform minor repairs. We also perform necessary prep work to ensure your deck is ready for restoration. After this is complete your deck is carefully cleaned. Our technicians are skilled with pressure washers. This allows for thorough cleaning without the risk of damage lesser restorers can cause.

When the deck is completely dry we’ll need your help. There are a variety of stain options. Some bring out a woods natural color and others can hide it, lighten it, or darken it. We’re always happy to provide recommendations if you have trouble deciding. Once staining is completed, the final step of our deck restoration in Vancouver, WA, is to use brand name deck sealant to provide exceptional weather proofing. This also keeps your deck looking great longer. Our sealants are formulated to help prevent splintering, seal cracks, and keep out moisture.

For comprehensive, skilled, affordable deck restoration in Vancouver, WA call (360) 772-0224 or Contact Us today. We believe in fair pricing, efficient work, and excellent craftsmanship.

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