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Deck Staining


Whether you’ve just installed new decks or your current deck is starting to wear, nothing protects against foot traffic and the elements like professional deck staining Portland property owners benefit from most.The knowledgeable and skilled experts at All Around Maintenance INC can stain your deck today. We perform delicate prep work and finish with high quality stains for results you can see. There are a number of excellent reasons to choose our deck staining Portland services, including:

  • Longevity – With deck staining , Portland decks can last a lifetime. When properly applied by trained hands, staining repels water and increases woods natural protection. Staining protects against rot and termites, drastically extending the life of your deck. It also prevents the wood from suffering UV damage that can cause wood to fade. Sealing out water prevents warping and twisting due to age and changing moisture levels.
  • Safety – With deck staining, Portland homeowners do more than just protect their deck. They protect their families. Deck sealing helps keep wood from splintering and cracking. This can prevent injury to bare feet. With its rot protecting qualities you’ll also keep individual beams strong. This beam strengthening protects from damage that usually goes unnoticed and can cause a break in the deck that leads to injury.
  • Beauty – One of the best reasons to get deck staining Portland outdoor lovers often cite is for its wonderful aesthetic qualities. Wood has a natural grain and every piece is different. When you use paint you cover that up and remove what makes a deck so unique. With a variety of different stain options our experts can recommend the right color and hue. Our high quality stains provide the long lasting protection you want but retain and even enhance your decks natural beauty.

Professional Deck Staining

When you choose us for professional deck staining, Portland decks get more. We begin the process with a careful and thorough pressure washing that removes grime, mildew, mold, and other contaminants from your deck. The older a deck is the more necessary this step becomes. Contaminants keep stains from properly adhering to your deck, so we make sure it’s spotless before continuing.

Get the practiced deck staining Portland depends on.

Our technicians then carefully and lightly sand your deck to ensure a smooth surface that is free of imperfections. After your deck dries we’ll apply several coats of stain to ensure total coverage and the best results. With several choices for deck staining, Portland deck owners can choose from a water-based or oil-based stain to preference. There are benefits to both, and depending on your deck type and condition we’ll help you to determine which stain will provide the best protection and aesthetic results.

Using only the highest quality stains and sealants paired with our exceptional prep work and careful application ensures you get incredible results. Your satisfaction is so important to us, and that’s why we’ve been relied on for deck staining Portland owners choose for quality since 1999. When you want improved safety, longevity, beauty and value for your deck, call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us for deck staining in Portland today.

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