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Deck Staining


Whether you’ve owned your deck for years or you’ve just installed a new one, there’s nothing like deck staining Vancouver, WA deck owners rely on to protect it from elemental damage and natural wear. With the skilled and knowledgeable restoration technicians at All Around Maintenance INC, your deck can be transformed.

Our technicians are experts at refinishing and staining decks. You can see the difference when we get done, but an incredible finish isn’t the only reason to to get professional deck staining Vancouver, WA trusts.

Deck Staining Benefits

Keep your friends and family safe from injury.

Safety – Nobody likes getting hurt, and wood decks can present a number of hazards. Wooden beams can slowly rot, eventually breaking under an unsuspecting persons weight. Splintering can lead to aggravating hand and foot injuries. Deck staining in Vancouver, WA protects your deck and your family.

Staining and deck sealing both preserve wood, keeping it from cracking and splintering. It also acts as a water repellent. Since moisture is the catalyst for the bacteria that causes wood to rot, it protects your beams from premature wear and makes sure your deck brings joy instead of injury.

Extend the life of your deck with professional staining!

Longevity – There’s nothing worse than seeing your deck slowly waste away. Protecting it is important for your comfort and your wallet. Deck staining Vancouver, WA outdoor lovers depend on seals and can greatly improve deck longevity. Professional application of wood stains increase your decks natural protection and repel water.

It also helps to protect your deck from rot, termites, and UV damage. This prevents fading, warping, twisting, and buckling. Without deck staining, Vancouver, WA deck owners aren’t just taking a chance their deck will prematurely wear, they’re practically guaranteeing it.

Maintain the beauty of your investment.

Beauty – A benefit of staining that often goes overlooked but can’t be overstated is an obvious one. With its unique whirls and patterns, wood is a gorgeous material. Painting your deck covers this entirely, removing the natural beauty of your deck.

We have high grade, professional stains designed for lasting protection while accentuating your deck. Specific stains can bring out the color in different woods, and our deck staining Vancouver, WA technicians will help you decide on one for strength and aesthetic appeal.

Professional Deck Staining

Choosing us for your deck staining Vancouver, WA services gets you the very best. Every staining begins with comprehensive prep work. As the foundation of a professional stain job, we work with efficiency and care. Pressure washing removes any of the grime, mold, mildew, and other contaminants that can prevent stains form adhering correctly. Starting with a spotless canvas ensures your protection lasts.

After a light sanding that removes imperfections and smooths your deck, we’ll apply several coats of stain. For the best results and total coverage we’ll discuss the type of stain with you beforehand. Both oil-based and water-based deck staining in Vancouver, WA come with positives and negatives. The perfect option meets your needs for aesthetics and protection while providing great results.

Because residents know that we only use top quality sealants and stains paired with careful application and exceptional prep, we’re the go to source for deck staining in Vancouver, WA. For longevity, beauty, improved safety and incredible value, call (360) 772-0224 or Contact Us today.

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