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Fence Restoration


Fences can add a lot to your property. From protection to aesthetics, they let you personalize your yard and create an area you can truly call your own. They can be easy to neglect, though, and can fall into disrepair. Don’t build a new fence quite yet though. With fence restoration in Portland from All Around Maintenance INC, we can have your worn or weathered fence looking like new in no time.

There are some great benefits provided by a fully restored fence. These include:

Fence Restoration Benefits

With so many wonderful reasons to get professional fence restoration┬áin Portland, it’s easy to see why so many choose our services over fence replacement. Fence restorations are designed to be comprehensive. We can bring nearly any fence back to life, even a fence you may think is beyond saving. That’s because our fence restorers are highly trained in all manner of restoration. When you choose us for your restoration services you get decades of experience, knowledge, and skill.

Your Expert Fence Restorers


  • Fence Prepping – We’ll properly prep your fence to ensure our┬árestoration achieves the highest results. Before we begin any repairs, we’ll pressure wash your fence free of dirt and grime. Our fence restorers are incredibly skilled with pressure washers, we know just how much pressure to use and what distance to hold the washer at to achieve maximum results without damaging your fence.
  • Fence Damage Repair – If you have any damaged or loose boards we have wood restoration methods to repair them. We can also even any sagging gates, and will make sure your fence is in the best condition possible before continuing with the restoration process. Our restorers take extra care and attention with the sections of your fence that see the most moisture, like the lower post.
  • Fence Staining – Our staining doesn’t just enhance the natural beauty of the wood, it protects it. With steady hands and an even coat, you’ll get the kind of protection that keeps your fence in incredible shape for years to come. We only use the most trusted brands, designed to match and enhance the natural beauty of your fence while providing total protection.

When you’re looking for complete fence restoration in Portland from one of the most trusted companies in the area, look no further. From start to finish you get exacting service, friendly technicians, and an affordable cost. Call or contact us today.

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