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Fence Restoration


Fences are a great addition to any property. From aesthetics to protection they allow for personalization on your terms, helping you create a space all your own. Maintenance is necessary if you want them to look good and last years. Without it they can fall into disrepair. Just because your fence doesn’t look like it used to, it doesn’t mean you need a new one. Fence restoration in Vancouver, WA from All Around Maintenance INC can have your weathered or worn fence looking like new, saving you time and money.

There are some excellent reasons to get experienced fence restoration in Vancouver, WA including:

Fence Restoration Benefits

With so many great reasons to get professional fence restoration in Vancouver, WA, it’s no wonder so many customers choose our services instead of fence replacement. Our fence restoration in Vancouver, WA services are comprehensive by design. This allows us to restore nearly any fence back to its former glory, even one you may think has its best days behind it. This wouldn’t be possible without a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced fence restorers. Choosing us for your fence restoration in Vancouver, WA gets you a team of industry veterans who put all their knowledge to use in every job. From start to finish, you get the best.

Your Expert Fence Restorers


  • Fence Prepping – We begin every job with thorough prep work. Fence restoration in Vancouver, WA that begins with expertly executed prepping produces longer lasting results. We always pressure wash your fence free of grime and dirt before beginning repairs. Our fence restorers have extensive pressure washing experience. This skill allows them to use just as much pressure as is necessary, holding the wand at the correct distance to ensure the best results without damaging your fence.
  • Fence Damage Repair – If you have any loose or damaged boards, our fence restoration in Vancouver, WA services include repair. We can even saggy gates as well, making sure your fence is in the best physical condition before restoration begins. Our restorers pay extra attention and care to sections of fences that get excessive moisture, like lower posts.
  • Fence Staining – Our staining protects your fence at the same time it enhances it’s natural beauty. Our expert fence restoration in Vancouver, WA is performed by skilled and steady hands. You’ll get the kind of even coat that provides long term, full protection. We only use trusted brand name products that match and enhance the beauty of your wood fencing. Paired with our skilled application you may not recognize your fence after restoration is complete. We take pride in transforming even the most worn fences-beautifying, protecting, and restoring them for years of future use.

When you want complete fence restoration in Vancouver, WA from one of the areas most trusted fence restoration companies, look no further. From beginning to end you get friendly technicians, exacting service, and an affordable cost. Call (360) 772-0224 or Contact Us today.

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