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HOA Landscaping


Home owners associations can have strict requirements. These can involve things as minute as the length of your grass. Non-compliance can have major consequences though, and no homeowner wants to receive a warning letter in the mail. One of the easiest ways to ensure your yard is up to HOA standards is with HOA landscaping in Portland from All Around Maintenance INC.

We’re your local HOA landscaping experts and know how to work with local flora to achieve the best results. A healthy ecosystem can contribute to the beauty and success of your property. From plants to grass and trees, when it comes to HOA landscaping, Portland deserves the best. Our comprehensive services cover your every need, and we can easily schedule upkeep sessions to ensure you never get an unwanted visit from you HOA.

Complete HOA Landscaping in Portland

Our experienced and knowledgeable landscapers provide efficient and environmentally sound landscaping services. Residents trust that when it comes to HOA landscaping in Portland we’ll treat their property with care and respect. Just some of our services include:

  • Mowing – When it come to grass length for your HOA landscaping, Portland associations can be very specific. If you need your grass cut to a certain length, we get it done quickly and correctly. Our landscapers only use top of the line equipment designed for precision and speed. If your grass is suffering from dry weather we can water it and seed areas that may have become patchy.
  • Weed Control – Weeds can quickly get out of control. If your current landscaper doesn’t address invasive weed species, give us a call. Our landscapers are skilled at plant identification, and can provide effective and safe weed control that leaves local species unharmed. HOA landscaping in Portland gets rid of free-loading weeds, easily, safely, and effectively.
  • Tree and Shrub Care – Our HOA landscapers are extremely skilled at tree pruning and trimming of native and non-native species. We can trim decorative shrubs, ensuring they continue to add to your properties natural beauty while¬†taming wild shrubs and bushes. This gives your landscape a clean and beautifully uniform appearance.
  • Mulch and Bark – Sometimes you want mulch, sawdust, or bark installation to provide a warming and colorful touch to your property. Our landscapers are incredibly skilled and careful when ensuring applications go to the proper depth. Along with clean lines, our HOA landscaping beauty bark and mulch applications ensure your trees and plants look great and thrive.
  • Hauling – Whether strong winds, pests, or age has littered your property with debris, our HOA landscaping in Portland will address it. Dead branches, leaf piles, and tree trunks are frequently homes to pests like rodents, bees, termites, and wasps. The sooner you have these cleared out, the safer you make your home.

HOA landscaping services in Portland are easily scalable and we’re happy to provide estimates for single or ongoing work. Our dedication to excellent customer service and craftsmanship¬†make us a cut above the rest. Call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us for HOA landscaping in Portland today.

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