Lake Oswego, OR

Want the best gutter cleaning in Lake Oswego?

When you’re looking for gutter cleaning services in Lake Oswego, you have no shortage of options. New businesses pop-up every day. Some of them are lead by competent leaders and a strong crew, while others are out to make a quick buck by gouging their clients. How can you know which ones you can count on?

One surefire way to know that your contractor knows their stuff is by seeing how long they’ve been in business. Some technicians start up a business and when it fails, they go under a new name with the same old tricks. At All Around Maintenance INC, you can be confident that we do good work, because we’ve been around to prove it. With over 18 years of experience, we were around for the turn of the millennium and you can count on us for quality work for many more years to come.

Is your roof keeping you safe?

A good roof provides shelter to you and everyone else that lives under it. But shelter on its own isn’t enough. Roofs that have holes or missing shingles can let in unwanted intruders that can endanger the people beneath. Mold thrives in moist, warm environments, and attics are one of the most common places to find it because of this. Unfortunately, it often goes undetected for a good while and can cause health problems such as nausea and dizziness in the process. If you haven’t checked your attic in awhile, now is a good time, or call us and we’ll do it for you.

Clean gutters make a tremendous difference

You might have heard that it’s important to clean your gutters regularly. After all, dirty gutters get clogged, and clogged gutters are bad. But why exactly is that? Do gutters really matter? The answer may surprise you.

Gutters that are clean are reliable

For most houses, you want to do a thorough cleaning of your gutter twice a year. Usually, this will be done at the end of fall and right before summer begins. Doing this tends to keep your gutters clean. But not always. If you haven’t kept up with your gutter cleaning or want someone to make sure it’s been done right, call All Around Maintenance.

  • Clean gutters move water and runoff away from your home foundation. Without gutters, water can form pools which can be especially troublesome if you have a basement, because the water tends to collect there and will likely drip into the room.
  • If you have gutters that are clogged, then that means the water isn’t making it all the way to the downspout. Water can collect at the spot of the clog instead, forming still puddles where bugs and bacteria congregate and can cause health problems for you and your family.
  • Even if your gutters appear to be clean, there could still be microorganisms present if you don’t use a proper cleaning agent. Our team has the right disinfectants for gutter cleaning that are safe for your gutters but dangerous to algae, mold, and other troublesome things.

Broken gutters should be repaired right away

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Clogged gutters have a hard time doing their job. But if a section of your gutter is completely gone, it’s even more of a problem! Since rainfall is light in Lake Oswego during the summer, you might be to postpone gutter repairs until it’s closer to the rainy season, but make sure you don’t forget about it completely.

  • You have gutters so that water on your roof can be diverted to a safe place away from your home. And if the water can’t make it all the way to the end, your gutters can’t do their job and the water will end up somewhere you don’t want it instead.
  • If you’ve noticed a buckle in your gutters, that often means that there’s standing water at that spot. While sometimes excess water can make it to the downspout, when the rains subside there’s water left behind that won’t go away on its own.
  • The downspout itself is also essential and can become clogged, and these clogs are much harder to remove. If your downspout isn’t working, call us and we’ll find out what’s wrong. And if it’s a clog, we know how to quickly and safely remove it and put it back together.

Get rid of those annoying deck splinters!

A wooden deck is a fantastic add-on to most any home. That add-on gets less fantastic if it starts to chip or if pointy, splintery parts appear. And you certainly don’t want those anywhere near your hands or feet! Fortunately, we also do deck staining and repairs at All Around Maintenance. From small sections to an entire deck overhaul, we’re the team you need to make your deck great.

Lake Oswego

Known for its affluence, Lake Oswego¬†is a suburb of Portland that’s one of the nicest areas around. Recently voted as the fourth richest city in Oregon, Lake Oswego has a booming housing market and has some of the most spectacular mansions around. Renowned actor Danny Glover even has a home there and periodically headlines as a speaker at local organizations like Park Academy. A top Urban Dictionary definition even states that it’s a “spoiled rich place to be in Oregon”.


But Lake Oswego is much more than a town where some of the 1% have decided to settle down. Originally known simply as Oswego, the lake became such a large part of the residents’ lives that they renamed the town in 1960. There are many other popular parks in the region as well, such as George Rogers Park along the Willamette River. With plenty of well-kept recreational fields such as baseball and softball diamonds and a soccer field, the park also provides access to the river and even has a shelter that has electricity available along with picnic tables and barbecue grills. The smaller but newer Foothills Park is another popular spot and hosts a reflecting pond and evening concerts on Wednesday evenings in July at the small amphitheater.

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