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If you have a backyard bungalow, sprawling estate, or even a lakeside cabin, landscaping in Portland can help your property stay beautiful, tidy, and pest free. All Around Maintenance INC provide an array of professional services for landscaping in Portland designed to deliver you the yard you’ve always wanted, rain or shine. Our landscaping experts work with your ecosystem and know local flora well. They’re adept at helping your trees, plants, and lawn to thrive. There are an impressive amount of great benefits provided by landscaping.

Expert Landscaping Portland

With knowledgeable, experienced, efficient landscapers on staff when professional landscaping in Portland is required, residents trust us to treat their property with respect and care. Our wide selection of landscaping services help everyone. From small landscaping in Portland needs to large commercial landscaping projects we do it all. Just some of our landscape services include:

  • Mowing – For many homes requiring landscaping in Portland, lawn mowing service is practically a necessity. We only use top of the line equipment with wide mowing areas for complete and timely service. We also water grass so it maintains a healthy luster and doesn’t suffer when rain is scarce. Service can be scheduled daily, weekly, or even monthly. Whether you’re looking for commercial landscaping in Portland or individual lawn care, our attention to detail and high quality work is just what your lawn needs.
  • Weed Control – With professional lawn weed control you can relax while we do the dirty work. Landscaping in Portland that doesn’t address weeds and invasive species just doesn’t cut it. Our landscaping experts are trained in identification and use effective, safe methods for controlling weeds. With our landscaping in Portland service you’ll have a naturally healthy ecosystem that’s free of free-loading weeds.
  • Shrub and Tree Care – We’re there when your trees need care. Our landscapers excel at tree trimming and tree pruning of both non-native and native species. We also trim shrubs so that your decorative pieces stay carefully crafted and wild bushes and shrubs are tamed for a uniform and clean looking landscape.
  • Bark and Mulch – Sometimes you require sawdust, bark, or mulch installation for a colorful touch that warms your property or provides a needed boost to plants and trees. Our landscapingin Portland covers all of these, and our careful landscapers ensure you get the required depth of product and perfectly clean lines.
  • Hauling – When pests, age, or just strong winds have littered your property with branches and trees, hauling may be required. Our hauling services can clear away pest harboring debris. Tree trunks, dead branches, and leaf piles are all used as homes for wasps, bees, termites, and rodents. When they look for a new residence, they frequently migrate to the nearest structure. Our landscaping in Portland is capable of preventing these pests from gaining a foothold and causing you problems. Hauling Portland Oregon

We’re capable of scaling services and provide estimates for ongoing landscape services and single landscaping in Portland jobs. With an excellent reputation and a deep running dedication to customer service, we’re proud to serve your landscaping in Portland needs every day. When you want friendly, reputable, and professional landscaping in Portland call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us today.

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