Longview, WA

Wondering where to find a home maintenance provider?

Before the days of the internet, hiring a contractor was a hit or miss situation. If you weren’t recommended to a specific contractor by a friend or coworker, choosing one of the many from the phone book was a lot like gambling; you could come across a great team of workers that did amazing work at a fair price, or the opposite.

Now, hiring a quality gutter maintenance provider is different. You can check online reviews to see the experiences that people have had with handymen in Longview, WA and can make an informed decision before you ever make a call. And one thing you’ll find is that All Around Maintenance INC does contractor work the right way. As the recipient of the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for six years straight, customers love our respectful attitude, fair pricing, and unmatched quality, and you will too!

Need someone to check on your roofing?

If your roof is full of debris, it can start to affect the rest of your home. It may also attract bugs or other rodents that you certainly don’t want anywhere around your house. And if you happen to have a hole in your roof, your house may soon become theirs. Don’t let that happen, and call us up for roof cleaning and repairs in Longview, WA. You’ll be amazed at the difference a professional roofing crew can make!

Remember to check your gutters!

Even though they’re hard to miss, a lot of homeowners forget about their gutters. Often, this is because they’re working just like they’re supposed to–and a good gutter should be forgettable. But once it starts to act up and stops working properly, it suddenly becomes a major concern and for good reason. Thankfully, we’re gutter experts at All Around Maintenance and can take care of gutter cleaning, repairs, and anything else you need.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Cleaning out the gutters might seem like a routine, mundane task, and when it’s a simple, basic clog then that’s usually the case. But what about when something happens that’s out of the ordinary?

  • The most common reason that gutters get clogged is because leaves find their way into them during Autumn. As long as you keep up on cleaning them out, leaves aren’t usually too tough. However, if you wait too long, they can form an organic sludge that’s hard to completely remove.
  • When something unusual is the source of the clog, the source might not be apparent. Toys and branches are common culprits, but other things that can get stuck in there include animal nests, or in rare occasions, the animal itself, which isn’t something you want to find stuck there!
  • Along with clearing out clogs, our gutter cleaning service includes spraying out your gutters and rinsing them with a disinfecting agent. These disinfectants eliminate microorganisms that are too small to see such as mold and algae and keep your gutters clean as they should be.

Gutter Repairs

Sometimes, cleaning out the gutters isn’t enough to solve the problem. This could be for numerous reasons. But one thing that you can be sure about: when you choose All Around Maintenance, our gutter experts will get to the bottom of it, no matter how perplexing the problem.

  • Gutter Cleaning Services in Longview-WAf you’re missing a large portion of your gutter track, it’s pretty obvious where the problem lies. It’s a lot less obvious to figure out how to match your existing track and put the new piece back on and have it work seamlessly, but our team can handle it!
  • After we’ve removed the clogs, we always test your eavestroughs and downspouts to make sure that they’re working correctly. Occasionally, we’ll find that the clog wasn’t necessarily the issue and that it still doesn’t flow right. If this happens, we’ll get to the bottom of it and make it right.
  • Small cracks might not stay small for wrong, so we don’t risk them growing. If we find any of these, we’ll address them right away so you won’t need to call us again in a few weeks.

Check that deck!

When it’s wet and rainy outside, you might think that there’s no choice but to avoid using your deck. After all, you don’t want to risk slipping and taking a hard hit with a long healing time. But did you know that with the right treatment and cleaning that deck traction doesn’t have to be much of a problem, even in the rain?

It’s just one of the services we can do for you when you call us for deck cleaning and repairs. We’re also able to repair broken boards, add a hand or guard-rail, clean off mildew and dirt, and much much more! Call us now and ask us how we can help you with all your decking needs.

Longview, WA

Handyman Services in Longview-WAWhile it might seem tiny compared to it’s much larger metropolitan neighbors to the north and south, Longview, WA is actually the largest city in all of Cowlitz County. With a population of a little over 35,000 people, it might not seem like much, but the town is key in several industries that make it crucial to the success of the larger cities.

Lumber is one of these industries and is the primary industry of the region. In fact, 100 years ago, the enormous mills required 14,000 people–over a third of the town’s current population–just to run the two lumber yards! Log trucks are a common sight to see in Longview WA, and the prepared lumber is transferred to several different sites. And with a bridge that crosses the Columbia River, it’s a quick trip to the Oregon Coast as well.

One thing that’s unusual about Longview is that has an enormous park right int he middle of town. Lake Sacajawea has over three miles of trails and several bridges and is home to the Go Fourth event celebrating the 4th of July that has local vendors and a lumberjack contest. In the middle of the lake is a Japanese garden that is only accessible by boat but has gorgeous foliage hard to see anywhere else!

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