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Need some help with your house in Portland?

When you’re a homeowner, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your house. And while buying a home is often considerably cheaper than renting, it only remains that way as long as you keep up on routine maintenance. If you’re used to having landlord take care of these issues or just want to make sure that they’re fixed right, you should choose a versatile handyman. And none have the same knowledge and experience as All Around Maintenance INC. Whether you need someone for your roofs, decks, or gutters, we have you covered!

Get roofing you can rely on

One of the most essential parts of your home is your roof. Your roof protects your home and the people within from the elements. It also keeps your vital possessions from blowing away or getting soaked, which is crucial in a rainy environment like Portland. Whether you need a quick cleaning or need a major hole patched, you can count on us.

Roof Maintenance

The easiest way to stop your roof from needing a repair is to check on it regularly. But if you haven’t gone up and taken a look for awhile, you can let one of our professional contractors do it for you. If they find any issues, they can fix them up, including:

  • Moss cleaning. While it might seem like moss is simply an eyesore, it can actually cause substantial damage to your roof if left unchecked. One of the ways it can do this is because moss infiltrates small cracks and is also a very absorbent plant. And in cold temperatures, this water can freeze, forcing small, benign cracks to grow.
  • Broken/Missing Shingles. Having a couple of missing shingles isn’t often a big deal, but depending on what sections of the underlying roof they expose, they can be more problematic than they appear. Let us make sure your roof is in good condition, and we’ll also do our best to match the color and texture of your shingles so you won’t notice where the problem used to be.
  • Cleaning and pressure washing. It can be a real challenge to clean your roof. And braving the ladder is only the beginning. Many typical cleaning tools simply don’t have the power to clean your roof, and you don’t want to risk your own safety by trying to push harder. We have the right tools for the job, including pressure washers and other cleaning devices.

Roof Repairs

Hindsight may be 20/20, but if you develop an issue in your roof that needs to be fixed, it’s better to act on it right away then wondering how it could have been stopped. While some things that can go wrong are easy to see, others need a trained eye–and these can be just as damaging as the obvious issues. When you call us for roof repair in Portland, not only do we take care of the job that you called us for, but we make sure there isn’t anything else on your roof that needs to be addressed as well.

We’ll make sure your gutters are functional

Gutters may seem like they’re just an aesthetic end point of your roof, but they serve a very important purpose. The simple answer is that gutters direct water runoff from all over your roof and directs it to a safe place where it won’t do any harm. Improper water diversion can cause numerous problems; much more than getting heavy drips as you enter and exit your home! Roof Repair Services in Portland

Gutter services

When fall comes and the leaves start flying all around, you might find that your gutters get clogged with them quickly, even if you don’t have any trees in your yard. Whether you need us to properly clean out your gutters, or you have a piece missing and need a replacement, our team is happy to help. Give us a call and we’ll make sure that your gutters are doing their job!

Choose us for decking services

A deck is a great addition that lets you overlook your yard. It’s also the prime spot for summer barbecues, and lets you heat up the meats without heating up your home! If you’re looking to add a deck or want to upgrade one that you already have, we’re the people you’re looking for. Wood is one of the most common types of decking material around, but our versatile contractors have the know-how that you need whether you have wood, metal, or something else entirely. We offer many types of deck services in Portland, including:

  • Cleaning and debris removal
  • Staining
  • Pressure Washing
  • Repairing and smoothing
  • Replacing portions or boards
  • UV Protection
  • Hand and guardrail repairs
  • New deck installation
  • And much more!


Handyman Services in Portland-OREven though many people see Portland as Seattle’s little brother, Portland and Seattle actually have a similar population size with over half a million people residing in the city limits. But Portland is definitely regarded as the weirder of the bunch, as made evident by the Keep Portland Weird movement that includes a public typing station as well as The Unipiper–A person in a Darth Vader costume that rides around the city playing bagpipes that spout flames.

Beyond the weirdness, Portland has a rich history and plenty of unique attractions. As the 33rd state to join The United States of America, Oregon became a state in 1859; 8 years after Portland was founded. In it’s more than 150 years of history, Portland has continued to grow and has become home to a number of unique locales including old stone ruins known as The Witch’s Castle, the Shanghai Tunnels, and The Woodstock Mystery Hole… If you can find it!

Even though the skies are often gray, Portland often ranks high in quality of life comparisons, and barely gets more than the US national average when it comes to rainfall. Instead of one-off major storms like many major cities get, Portland seems to have a constant light drizzle, but many Portlanders prefer that to a flash flood!

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