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Pressure Washing

Your property not looking it’s best isn’t the only reason to get pressure washing Vancouver, WA homes can benefit from. Pressure washing in Vancouver, WA is an incredibly easy way to refresh your property. With the wet conditions the Northwest is famous for, mildew and mold growth are incredibly common and without pressure washing it can get out of control fast. With the experts on your side you can stop these damaging organisms in their tracks. Don’t let the Northwest get the best of you, call All Around Maintenance INC for professional pressure washing Vancouver, WA home owners depend on before you end up with a much larger problem than you bargained for.

Why get Professional Pressure Washing?


Experience – One thing customers often don’t realize before it’s too late is how sensitive pressure washing is. Depending on the material being washed there are differences in pressure, distance, and nozzle type that all have to be taken into consideration.

Improper washing can strip protective layers off concrete, peel siding off buildings, and take whole tiles off of a roof. As expert, experienced technicians for pressure washing Vancouver, WA  properties rely on, we provide thorough pressure washing that leaves your property clean and undamaged.

Stay healthy with regular pressure washing!

Allergens – Grime, dirt, mildew and mold all build up on surfaces that have not seen pressure washing. These continue to build and can have negative consequences, especially where mold is concerned. It often doesn’t take much for mold to find a way indoors, growing where you’d least expect it, out of sight in your walls, ceilings, and vents.

Pollen can also build up, causing massive allergic reactions when the wind kicks it up and indoors. Pressure washing Vancouver, WA needs for true cleanliness provides a clean slate, removing these hazards before they have time to cause negative effects.

Damage – Property damage can easily occur from moss buildup. Freezes and thaws cause it to swell with water and slowly peel off roof tile granules and tiles themselves as it wedges beneath it. The effect amplifies during untreated growth, and the more it grows the more likely your roof is to suffer long term damage.

Careful pressure washing Vancouver, WA expert technicians with our company perform can keep this damage at bay. Personal damage can also occur from slips and falls caused by moss and slime covered concrete. Our pressure washing services are a great way to beautify these often traveled areas and ensure personal safety.

Get thorough power washing on every surface!

Our power washing services are perfect for decks, patios, store fronts, siding, fences, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, roofs, and more. Not matter how dirty or growth covered your structure, our professional power washers will provide a safe and thorough clean. We treat your property with care it deserves, and we guarantee our work.

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Vancouver, WA

With it’s gorgeous landscaping and close proximity to Portland, for many, Vancouver, WA is the realization of the American dream. Near the Columbia River and home to many historic buildings, Vancouver, WA is a wonderful place for a visit or to settle down.

Highlights include Fort Vancouver. Re-constructed in the 1970’s on the original plots of Fort Vancouver, every detail was attended to in this national heritage site. Every season visitors can enjoy lamplight tours that feature locally acted slice of life vignettes from life at the Fort. Just down the street in Vancouver, WA sits the Pearson Air Museum. With a number of antique planes and exhibits, it shouldn’t be missed by anyone interested in aviation production and history.

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