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Property Preservation


For exceptional property preservation in Portland, call All Around Maintenance INC. We’ve been serving the needs for property preservation in Portland for business and home owners since 1999. The changing of the seasons can be particularly harsh in Portland. Increasingly dry summers lead to poor soil conditions, causing premature landscape wear. Dead grass, dying bushes, wilting flowers—all of these detract from your property. Winter brings a creeping dampness that causes mold, wood rot, or even structural problems. When these cycles continually wear on your property, there’s no better time than now to take action. There’s no better time for property preservation in Portland.

Portland’s Trusted Property Preservation

Our services for property preservation in Portland are an incredible value. You live in your home. Guests, clients, friends—they all frequent your business. The care you put into it leaves an impression. You don’t have all the time in the world though. That’s where we come in. Our property preservation specialists ensure your property is cared for properly. That means more than just maintaining though. Professional property preservation in Portland means we:

  • Preserve Property Beauty – It’s easy for a property to fall into disrepair. Skipping monthly inspections or ignoring problems can lead to an ugly property. We can beautify your property once again. Whether you’re selling a Portland property, restoring a property, or maintaining a property, you can benefit from property preservation in Portland services. Bringing a property back to it’s original state can add tens of thousands of dollars to it’s value, even making you money in the long run. Once we’ve restored it, continual upkeep and property preservation in Portland keeps it looking great all year round.
  • Preserve Property Life – Property without regular preservation frequently ends up costing the owner. It’s much cheaper as well as cost effective to ensure a property is maintained than it is to fix it. Conditions in Portland are harsh. Our property preservation keeps roof and siding molds and mildew at bay with regular pressure washing. Our gutter cleaning ensures your foundation lasts the life of your building. Landscaping protects your property from dead log buildup that can house pests.
  • Enhance Customer Experiences – All of these services ensure a good experience for customers or house guests. Business property preservation in Portland is especially important. In the day of snap reviews and endless options it doesn’t take much to create an unhappy customer. When they are, they let everyone know. A happy customer, like those who choose us, is a customer for life. We take the stress of property preservation in Portland, OR off your hands. That way your customers love the way your property looks, letting you focus on running your business instead of cleaning it.

As one of Portland’s most trusted names in property preservation, we’re excited to go to work for you. We believe that attention to detail, friendly service, and outstanding work are what make great property preservation contractor in Portland great. Call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us today for property preservation in Portland.

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