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Re-roofing isn’t a task to be taken lightly. You want an experienced re-roofing company that knows local guidelines and government protocols. Different building types need to meet different sets of standards. This can vary between commercial and residential buildings. That’s why when they get a re-roof, Portland residents call on All Around Maintenance INC. We’ve been performing Portland re-roofs since we first opened for business in 1999. We build using high quality materials and ensure that your re-roof stays on schedule and is built to specification.

Get the re-roof that’s right for you!

When it comes time for a re-roof, Portland property owners have a variety of options. Depending on the roof you have now, we may be able to perform a re-roof using the same materials. We do not do re-roofs with cedar or tile roofing. We can however provide tear-downs for these roofing material types and perform a re-roof using shingles, metal, or shakes.¬†As roofing specialists, we’re happy to help you identify the roofing type that’s right for you. Different roofing materials have unique properties that determine longevity and resistance. Aesthetics are also an important consideration, and we’ll help you find the perfect marriage of strength and beauty.

Professional Re-roofs Portland Trusts

For a re-roof, Portland residents know we provide quality services from start to finish. Our re-roof process makes sure you get the right roofing service, you have all your questions answered going in, and your roof is made to last.

  • Re-roof assessment – Our technicians begin every re-roof Portland business and home owners receive with an assessment. Sometimes roofs don’t need a re-roofing, and repairs are the more cost effective option. Certain roof types like shingles cannot legally exceed certain parameters as well. We make sure re-roofing is your best option before proceeding.
  • Consultation – We’ll go over everything with you before beginning work. This includes cost, expectation, options, and timelines. If you have any questions we’re happy to answer them for you. As Portland’s preferred upfront re-roofers, we believe in accountability and honesty at every point in the process.
  • Re-roofing – All of our re-roofs are performed by experienced roofing technicians. Our work is done to the highest standards, and we take careful measures to ensure your re-roof is carried out correctly. Our materials are designed for longevity, and our weatherproofing is made to withstand tough Northwest seasonal changes.

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We can begin work as soon as our schedule allows. We continue to garner excellent reviews. This isn’t just because of our great work. For a re-roof, Portland property owners trust us to provide continual quality. That’s why so many of our re-roofing customers utilize our other services too. Whether you just need an evaluation or know a re-roof is right for you, call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us for a re-roof in Portland today.

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