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There are a lot of reasons to call All Around Maintenance INC and get roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA. The elements can really take their toll on your roof, and moss can cause extensive roof damage over time. Freezing and thawing as well as swelling due to rain can cause moss to push up protective granules from your roof. Moss also blocks water from running off of your roof, causing water to push up and under your roof shingles.

We provide the kind of thorough, detail oriented roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA that removes moss and debris in order to extend the life of your roof. Most roofs are designed to last as long as 30 years. They are expensive to repair and replace, and roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA goes a long way towards ensuring you get the most out of your roof.

Roof Cleaning Services

There are some excellent reasons to hire local, trusted contractors for your roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA needs. We have skilled, experienced roof cleaners that provide you with:

  • Safety – Cleaning a roof can be dangerous, especially with how slick Vancouver, WA roofs can become due to moss and grime buildup. Our professionals for roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA can navigate these with ease, and save you from having a potentially costly accident. We’re skilled at roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA with slopes of any grade, and we know how to navigate these hazardous roofs safely and efficiently.
  • roof-cleaning-services-vancouver-waKnowledge – You can wipe down a table with a wet sponge and it may look clean, but that doesn’t mean it is. Amateur roof cleaners frequently think they’ve performed a thorough job on a roof when they haven’t. This can occur when incorrect methods are applied, poor products are used, or areas are missed for roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA. In these cases it doesn’t take long for moss and grime to make a swift comeback. Our roof cleaners use industrial grade products and have years of experience performing thorough, systematic roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA that ensures every square inch of your Vancouver, WA roof is cleaned thoroughly and properly.
  • Experience – Our professional roof cleaners also have the experience to clean your roof correctly. We know exactly how much pressure is needed to brush moss of without compromising the integrity of your roof shingles. We know how to safely clean different roof types and materials, and we know when and where to safely perform¬†power washing.


Roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA includes but is not limited to:

  • Tile Roof Cleaning
  • Cedar Roof Cleaning
  • Composition Roof Cleaning

  • Flat Roof Cleaning
  • Sloped Roof Cleaning
  • Metal Roof Cleaning

When you need comprehensive, expert roof cleaning in Vancouver, WA, call (360) 772-0224 or Contact Us.

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