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Roof work is complicated and precise, which is why you should leave it to an experienced company. And with more than 18 years of experience working on roofing, All Around Maintenance INC has seen it all. When you have a concern with your roof, call us first. We can help you with your roof inspection, cleaning–including HOA Cleaning–roof repairs, maintenance and re-roofs, all with our signature quality and service that’s kept us in business. For quality roof maintenance services, go with All Around Maintenance. You will not be disappointed.

Roof Inspection Services in Portland

Roof Inspection

Most roofing professional recommend getting your roof inspected at least once a year, and twice a year is better. Our full inspection includes checking the roof interior including the ventilation, your insulation, and making sure there isn’t any moisture or mold.

We also check the home exterior looking for any leaks, the condition of your shingles, your chimney, and to make sure that your flashing has been put in where it’s needed and was installed correctly. Afterward, we’ll let you know what we find and if there’s anything that should be addressed immediately and what can be put off for later.

Roof Cleaning

We provide complete and detailed roof cleaning. Hand removal of moss and debris is required to extend the life of your roof. Most roofs are designed to last up to 30 years. Failing to perform regular maintenance like cleaning can cut this in half. Repairs and replacements are incredibly expensive, and roof cleaning can actually save you money in the long run.
Roof Cleaning Services in Portland

Roof cleaning can help prevent the following problems:

  • Roof damage caused by the expansion and contraction of moss, algae, lichen, and other organic material.
  • Prying up of shingles and protective granules that can lead to leaking and wood rot.
  • Blocked gutters and downspouts that force water down the side of a home and into the foundation.
  • Loss of water resistance due to drying protective layers.
  • Pest infestations caused by stagnant water and starter habitats like piles of wet debris.

Roof cleaning done right

Some roofing companies don’t know the proper way to clean a roof or avoid entirely. But we know better.  That’s why we use our industrial grade cleaners on your entire roof; even the parts that look like they don’t need it. Without heavy-duty cleaning agents, grime and moss can quickly return and overtake your roof in no time. We don’t let that happen. Our technicians are meticulous, cleaning every little section and inspecting your roof for potential trouble spots and giving them extra attention.

HOA Cleaning

Even when they aren’t an elected body, the HOA can have a significant amount of power, including handing out hefty fines if you don’t meet their guidelines. If you want to be sure you meet the requirements of your local HOA, give us a call. Our extremely high standards guarantee an HOA roof cleaning that your association will approve of. That’s because we exercise the highest standards, demanding more from our contractors when it comes to detail, care, and longevity.

What can you expect from our HOA Cleaning?

When you choose us for HOA Cleaning, you can always expect experienced roofers at a fair cost that will provide longevity for your roof.

  • HOA Roof Cleaning Services in PortlandExperience – Identifying an acceptable standard for your HOA can be difficult for any homeowner. If you want to take preventative measures or received a notice, it can be hard to determine what is required. We frequently work within HOA guidelines. Training and attention to detail allow our professionals to meet any HOA standards. We use time-tested methods for roof cleaning that include hand removal, pressure washing, and spray treatments.
  • Cost – Everyone has heard a story about a property owner damaging their roof while cleaning it, and needing fast and pricey repairs to meet HOA standards. Without expert-level HOA roof cleaning, this could be a risk for you as well. We offer great rates that are much more cost-effective than roof replacements or repairs.
  • Longevity – Your roof may suffer from damage without the correct treatment methods. Moss and mildew can re-occur before they should and begin prying off shingles and protective granules. Our HOA roof cleaning extends component life, reducing the chance of water damage, and inhibiting mildew and moss growth.

Roof Repair

Experience makes all the difference. We follow proven roof repair protocols that allow us to alleviate damage and protect your home. When you call to schedule repairs, we’ll work with your time constraints so you get service when you need it.

Get roof repair services for your home or businessRoof Repair

  • Damage mitigation – Roof repair begins when ongoing damage is stopped. We take care of urgent areas like exposed wires and leaks to stop damage fast. Our roofers are always careful on active sites. The first step is always to turn off the water main and breaker.
  • Damage assessment – Our technicians and roofers quickly assess the damage. Previous on-site experience and ongoing training allows them to determine problem areas and what repairs are needed. This lets us provide you with a complete overview of necessary work. We exercise up-front pricing, and answer all your questions before starting.
  • Roof repair – We only hire experienced local roofers. Northwest specific damage includes high winds, heavy rain and debris damage, and more. Our repairs are performed with high-quality materials. All of our processes are designed to restore the working integrity of your roof and the protection it provides.

What types of roof repair do you do?

We’re confident that we can handle any issue that comes up with your roof. Some repairs that we commonly do include:

  • Billowing
  • Poor installation
  • Blow-offs
  • Tenting
  • Punctures
  • Improper repairs
  • Shrinkage
  • Blistering
  • Poor workmanship
  • Ponding water
  • Missing shingles
  • And much more!

Roof Maintenance

The best way to keep your roof in good condition is by keeping up with routine maintenance. A poorly maintained roof can quickly suffer in such a rainy and wet environment. Our comprehensive and professional roof maintenance services help keep your roof maintained.

Keep moss from destroying your roof’s protective barriers

Moss may seem benign, but it’s not. Moss can damage your roof in a number of ways. The first is just by growing. It grows in the moisture rich areas where roof tiles overlap, and slowly causes those roof tiles to push apart.

Moss can also absorb a great deal of water, and as that water freezes and thaws, it also expands and contracts. That causes the moss to continually weaken your tiles ability to adhere to your roof. The same effect occurs with the grit that covers your roof tiles. The moss will eventually work beneath these particles and leave your roof barren and unprotected, but our roof maintenance can stop it in its tracks.

Roof Maintenance

Protect your roof from structure destroying leaks

Leaks are a major concern to homeowners. Roofs that aren’t properly maintained can quickly lose their ability to keep out the elements. In addition to tile loss, moss also weakens the glue that holds tiles in place. Once the glue and grit are removed your roof can leak. This can cause damage to the very structure that keeps your building upright. Water that had made it into the walls of your home or into your attic can cause harmful black mold growth too, something that should be addressed immediately if found.

Save money and extend the life of your roof!

Roofs can be incredibly expensive. Maintenance may seem like a hefty cost, but avoiding it can be even more expensive. If maintenance costs an average of 2 percent of the total cost of your roof, and your roof’s lifespan is 30 years, it would cost you 60 percent of your roofs initial cost to maintain it for its life.

If you neglect roof maintenance and have to replace that roof after 15 years, you’ve now spent 100 percent of your roofs initial cost and only enjoyed it for half its lifespan. Don’t let this happen to you!


Re-roofing isn’t a task to be taken lightly. Your re-roofing company needs to know about local guidelines and government protocols. Different building types need to meet different sets of standards, and these can vary between commercial and residential buildings, and we know these guidelines well. Re-Roofs

How difficult is re-roofing?

Depending on the roof you currently have, we may be able to re-roof using the same materials. While we’re confident in many types of roofs, we do not do re-roofs with tile or cedar roofing. However, we are able to perform tear-downs on these material types and re-roof using metal, shakes, or shingles. We’re specialists, and happy to help you determine which material is right for you.

Here’s what you can expect from our re-roofing process:

Our re-roof process makes sure you get the right roofing service, you have all your questions answered going in, and your roof is made to last.

  • Re-roof assessment – Our technicians begin every re-roof with an assessment. Sometimes roofs don’t need a re-roofing, and repairs are the more cost effective option. Certain roof types like shingles cannot legally exceed certain parameters as well. We make sure re-roofing is your best option before proceeding.
  • Consultation – We’ll go over everything with you before beginning work. This includes cost, expectation, options, and timelines. If you have any questions we’re happy to answer them for you. We believe in accountability and honesty at every point in the process and are happy to answer any questions you have.
  • Re-roofing – All of our re-roofs are performed by experienced roofing technicians. Our work is done to the highest standards, and we take careful measures to ensure your re-roof is carried out correctly. Our materials are designed for longevity, and our weatherproofing is made to withstand tough seasonal changes.

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