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Roof Maintenance


When it’s time for roof maintenance, Portland calls on All Around Maintenance INC. We have been providing roof maintenance Portland citizens have relied on since 1999. You might think that roofs don’t require much, but that is only true if you properly maintain them. A poorly maintained roof can quickly suffer in such a rainy and wet environment. Our comprehensive and professional roof maintenance Portland services help keep your roof maintained.

Roof Maintenance Benefits

Keep moss from destroying your roof’s protective barriers.

Moss Free – With roof maintenance, Portland homeowners can keep from needing more time consuming and expensive moss removal services. Moss may seem benign, but it is not. Moss can damage your roof in a number of ways. The first is just by growing. It grows in the moisture rich areas where roof tiles overlap, and slowly causes those roof tiles to push apart.

Moss can also absorb a great deal of water, and as that water freezes and thaws it also expand and contracts. That causes the moss to continually weaken your tiles ability to adhere to your roof. The same effect occurs with the grit that covers your roof tiles. The moss will eventually work beneath these particles and leave your roof barren and unprotected. Roof maintenance in Portland helps to keep this from occurring.

Protect your roof from structure destroying leaks.

Leak Free – Leaks are a major concern to homeowners. Roofs that aren’t properly maintained can quickly lose their ability to keep out the elements. In addition to tile loss, moss also weakens the glue that holds tiles in place. Once the glue and grit are removed your roof can leak.

That can cause damage to the very structure that keeps your building upright. Water that had made it into the walls of your home or into your attic can cause black mold growth. This is a major health issue, and reason enough to have our professionals perform roof maintenance Portland properties need to stay protected.

Save money and extend the life of your roof!

Savings – Roofs can be incredibly expensive. By performing regular roof maintenance, Portland property owners can save a significant amount of money in the long run. If maintenance costs an average of 2 percent of the total cost of your roof, and your roof’s lifespan is 30 years, it would cost you 60 percent of your roofs initial cost to maintain it for its life.

If you neglect roof maintenance in Portland and have to replace that roof after 15 years, you’ve now spent 100 percent of your roofs initial cost and only enjoyed it for half its lifespan. We’re skilled at roof cleaning, and our regularly performed maintenance can ensure your roof has a long and full life.

We can handle any kind of roof. No matter what keeps you dry, our technicians know how to maintain it. Our training and vast experience has given us the knowledge necessary to shine. We know that certain roof types like Cedar require very special care, and we have specific procedures put in place to deliver exceptional cleaning whatever the material. You’re getting more than just a clean roof with our services, you get professionalism, knowledge, passions, and results.

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