Salmon Creek, WA

Want a reliable handyman in Salmon Creek?

Contractors are notorious for being poor communicators. Some companies even go as far as to take jobs that they can’t afford, only to disappear later on, leaving the customer on the line for paying their sub-contractors. But at All Around Maintenance Inc, we’re different. We put our customers first and always make sure that they’re satisfied with our work before we’re done. And if you find a problem later, simply call us up and we’ll see what we can do to make it right. No other gutter maintenance service provider in Salmon Creek can match our service and versatility!

Don’t let your roof fail you!

If you notice that something seems strange with your roof, you shouldn’t ignore it. As a fundamental part of your property, an issue with your roof can extend to many other parts of your home as well. This can lead to a huge cost further down the line that could have been avoided if you acted sooner.

Roof Cleaning

Moss is a common thing you can find on top of many roofs in and around Salmon Creek. But getting it off can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right tools. If you’d rather not deal with the difficulty of roof cleaning, the team at All Around Maintenance is happy to take care of it for you. We have many years of experience doing extensive roof cleaning and you’ll be amazed how pristine and moss free your roof will be when we’re done!

Roof Maintenance and RepairRoof Repair Services in Salmon-Creek-WA

Having regular roof inspections and performing routine maintenance is the simplest way you can stop major problems from creeping up unexpectedly. If you aren’t sure what you should be doing with your roof, give us a call and we’ll come by and give you some tips while we help with your roof maintenance in Salmon Creek. If we come across an issue that we suspect could grow into something bigger in the future, we’ll let you know, but we always let you have the final say before we start any services and won’t pressure you to do any roofing service that’s unneeded or that you can’t afford at the time.

Make sure your gutters are doing their job!

Your gutters are a huge help when they’re working properly. And often, they do such a good job, you probably won’t notice all they do until something goes wrong!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters work by collecting runoff from the near-continuous rainfall that happens in Salmon Creek, and then directing it to a safe place to drain. If you’re on city water, this will often be to a storm drain where you don’t have to worry about it again. But this seamless process is only successful if your gutters are clean. If you’re having trouble with gutter cleaning, our professional team can get it done quickly and properly.

Gutter Repairs

Over time, gutters may start to sag slightly, especially if they’ve been clogged for awhile. While this may seem like it’s not a big deal and more of an aesthetic thing, it can actually stop your gutters from working right. Gutters typically are sloped towards the downspout so water can drain to a safe location. But if there’s a sag midway, it can change that slope and make it so water pools in that spot instead, where it can collect and possibly even cause the gutter to break. We can replace these sections to make sure this doesn’t happen.

We do HOA cleaning too! Although they might seem like a nuisance with no real power, ignoring the HOA can have significant ramifications–including forcing you to move out of the neighborhood in the worst cases. We’re familiar with HOA bylaws and can do any required roof, gutter, or deck work to make sure you’re in compliance and won’t have any issues with the HOA.

We work on decks too

If you have a deck or are thinking of adding one, then we’re just the contractors you want for the job. It’s important that your deck not only looks inviting, but works as a functional addition to your home as well. Our team can make sure that happens for you. We can do many types of deck work for your property, including:

  • Deck Cleaning to remove any caked on dirt or debris through pressure washing and other cleaning methods.
  • Deck Staining that can bring out the color and sheen in a wooden deck while also reducing harmful splinters.
  • Deck Repair if you have a few spots with dips or missing pieces, along with hand and guardrails for safety.
  • Deck Restoration that is a combination of cleaning, staining, and repairs to make your deck look great again!

Salmon Creek

While not officially a town in it’s own right, Salmon Creek is an unincorporated region of Vancouver WA that’s at the north end of the city where it connects to other nearby towns such as Ridgefield. Many people see Salmon Creek as the ideal region for travel throughout the area because of its unique location at the split of I-5 and I-205. Because of this location, it’s perfect for families with dual income earners where one needs to go on Highway 14 and the other needs to go to downtown Portland through the I-5 corridor and both can get there with ease.

Handyman Services in Salmon-Creek-WAWith a population of nearly 20,000, there’s plenty to do and find in Salmon Creek. While many people are aware of the community college in downtown Vancouver, fewer know about the University off of NE Salmon Creek Ave that leads to WSU Vancouver. This satellite campus of Washington State University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of programs including English, Engineering, Digital Technology and Culture, Anthropology, Neuroscience, and more. The university even has a guaranteed scholarship of $3000 per year to every student who graduated from a Washington state high school with a 3.6 GPA and a 1220 SAT or higher, which can be an enormous relief when it comes time to pay tuition!

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