Washougal, WA

Is it time to hire a professional gutter cleaner?

If you’re a new homeowner, you might feel like you need to personally repair any problems that happen to your house. A toy gets stuck on your roof and in your gutter, and you pull out a ladder to go get it. An intense game of motion-controller bowling sends the remote sailing and making a hole in your ceiling, and you patch it up. Personal repairs bring a feeling of accomplishment. But what about when something major happens, like half of your roof shingles blowing off in a huge storm?

While the go-getter attitude is respectable, for the big stuff you might want to call the experts to see the job done right. And if you’re in Camas and need a gutter cleaner, you won’t find one better than All Around Maintenance INC to help out with your gutters, roofing, or decking.

Roof work is a big job

Because your roof has to cover your entire house, getting everything looking and working right is a challenge. Even if you have extra shingles on hand because you planned ahead for a problem, having them and installing them are two very different jobs. Not only is removing and re-installing shingles a careful, precise job, but one that can be very dangerous as well. All of our roofers have gone through significant safety training so that they know the right equipment and techniques for roof cleaning and repairs and always put theirs and your safety first.

Gutter Cleaning Services in Washougal-WAGutters got you down in the dumps?

Gutters are made to collect things you don’t want on your roof and send them away so you don’t have to worry about it. But if you neglect to clean them out when they start to get full, they might not work as they should. A gutter with too heavy a load could be doing fine one day and the next be hanging off your roof and completely disconnected! If you need gutter repairs or want to make sure they keep on working, call us for gutter cleaning or repairs today.

Gutter cleaning service

Since your gutters have a constant stream of water flowing through them when it rains, don’t they essentially clean themselves? Not exactly. They would if the water was pure, but it’s often mixed with dirt, leaves, branches, or other contaminants that can get lodged in the way.

  • When you do gutter cleaning on your own, it’s important to do¬†the entire¬†gutter–not just where you see leaves and branches hanging over the edge. If you have a clog from runoff in one spot, it’s likely about to happen elsewhere too, and it’s best to get it done all at once then having to pull the ladder out again and again.
  • Sometimes, the source of the clog isn’t apparent. If you have something unusual getting the way of your gutters, such as toys that made their way on the roof, it might be hard to find out what’s wrong. A little thing like a tennis ball stuck in a downspout can be a huge headache, but we know what and where to look for problems.
  • A comprehensive gutter cleaning service means more than removing clogs and doing a quick rinse. When you choose us, you’re choosing a handyman that sees the job done right. That’s why our cleaning includes using mold-killing disinfectants and thorough testing to make sure everything is working correctly.

Gutter repairs

A piece of gutter that falls off and is lying in your yard obviously can’t do what it’s supposed to. But how do you fix it? It’s one repair that duct tape can’t fix. If the piece is still functional, our team can see that it’s put on and installed properly. If it isn’t, we’ll find a replacement portion that’s the same material, color, and texture because appearance is important too! And as with our cleaning, we test thoroughly to make sure all are repairs hold tight.

Is a new deck in your cards?

A house with a large yard doesn’t feel complete until it has a deck where you can stand out and admire it. But if your deck is wobbly or feels like it will fall apart simply by looking at it bad, you might be avoiding it when you don’t have to. Instead, call the crew at All Around Maintenance for deck repairs or cleaning in Washougal to make your deck like new. We can also help you with deck installation if you don’t yet have a deck but have always wanted one.

Deck cleaning and repairs

We offer many kinds of deck treatments and cleanings, including:

  • Deck staining and sealing
  • Pressure washing
  • Smoothing and splinter removal
  • Getting rid of mold, mildew, and grime
  • Fixing wobbly hand or guardrails
  • Replacement of rotten boards
  • Pulling out old, loose nails
  • And much much more!


Even though it seems to blend directly into neighboring Camas, Washougal has its own personality. Whereas it’s sister city is known for paper, Washougal is known for its textiles. The Pendelton Woolen Mills is one of the most commonly-associated places of Washougal due to its longevity and being visible from nearby Highway 14. Connected to the Mills is an outlet store, and it’s harder to get wool more from the source than that!

Handyman Services in Washougal-WA

Over the years, Washougal has become split into two major urban centers. The first is downtown, a region that has been around since the town was first founded. This is where Main Street is located, along with numerous businesses and things to do such as the Two Rivers Heritage Museum. It’s also the location of many community events that take place at the Washougal Town Square.

The second is a couple of miles away and developed due to a need for more businesses being in the area. At this other urban center is where many corporations have set up shop. It’s also near the Washougal High School, as well as the Orchards Hills Golf & Country Club, a popular spot for local businesses to host holiday parties.

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