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Leave your contracting needs to the pros

It might be tempting to ignore any issues with your roof, gutters, or deck and hope for the best. After all, not all holes in your roof lead to the sitcom scenario of filling your house with buckets to catch drips from the ceiling while you wait for the roof to fall in. But even though you may save some money by ignoring the issues now, you could pay double, triple, or even ten times as much than if you called All Around Maintenance INC upfront as your deck, roof, and gutter maintenance provider in West Linn.

With us, we put you first. That means no extra “repairs” that you don’t need. We’re upfront and honest. We want your home to be a sanctuary that you can count on to shield and protect you from the elements, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Keep your roof overhead

If your roof is damaged, you could be at risk of a cave-in that can not only be tens of thousands of dollars to replace–and even more in lost possessions–but it’s dangerous to the people that live there as well. Before you have to worry about anything like that, let the professionals at All Around Maintenance come by for a roof inspection. We’ll check for common roof problems and tell you about anything we come across and let you decide if now is the best time to fix them or not. We always start with the most critical issues and let you know upfront what needs to be addressed now and what can wait.


Have you noticed that your gutters are acting strangely? Do you have water flowing over the edge instead of down the spout like it should? Then don’t delay! Gutters are an integral part of your home and have the important duty of directing that water flow where it needs to be. If they aren’t doing that, give us a call and we’ll make it right. All Around Maintenance provides gutter cleaning, gutter inspection, and gutter maintenance.

Deck Repair Services in West-Linn-ORDon’t get decked by your deck!

When it’s warm out, few things beat the feeling of going out on your private deck and enjoying the weather with a cold drink. But if your deck is in poor condition, you might feel like it’s better to go around it than spending your time on it by choice. Splinters and rough chips can cause you to stumble and get injured if you aren’t careful, and you might rather avoid going out on your deck at all. We can change that for you with our deck refinishing and repair services.

Deck Cleaning and Refinishing

The rainy season might make it seem like walking out on your deck is a perilous endeavor that’s not worth the risk. It can get very slippery on decks, especially if you have mold or mildew that’s found it’s way to it. We’ll stop that from happening, or reverse it if it already has.

  • A slip and fall isn’t always a minor injury. It can result in a long-term or even permanent impairment. The risk increases if your deck gets slippery when wet, but we have treatments that can greatly lower this risk by adding traction.
  • Without proper protection, your deck can get damaged by radiation from UV rays that can make your wood fade. Rain can also cause rotting, which can put your safety at risk due to the weakened bonds. Let us help make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • It can be a challenge to clean the dirt, grime, and debris off your deck because they can get stuck on tight. Our team has the right tools for this work such as industrial pressure washers that can wash away layers and layers of dirt and get your deck clean again.
  • Splintering can be more than a minor annoyance, and it’s not one you have to put up with. Call us and ask about our wood treatments such as staining that can not only make your wood shine, but can smooth away those nasty splinters too!

Deck Repairs

If parts of your deck have already gotten to the point where they’ve caved in and buckled, or entire sections have gone missing, all is not lost! Our deck repair service can make even the most damaged and broken deck look like new again.

  • Like splinters, popped-out nails can be more than a nuisance and usually indicate that a bigger concern is at play. We’ll take a look and see if that’s the case and solve any problems that pop up.
  • Rotting wood is especially common in rainy areas such as West Linn, and can be extremely dangerous. Some rot is easy to spot, while others in the early stages may need an expert’s eyes to find.
  • If you have boards that have rotten or broken away, you’re taking an unnecessary risk every time you step over the hole. Our deck repair experts know how to repair these holes and will match your material type and color in the process.

Handyman Services in West-Linn-OR

West Linn

A smaller suburb in the Portland Metro region, West Linn can still hold it’s own. Ranked by CNN as one of the Top 100 cities to live at 38th place in 2015, it’s starting to earn a reputation. But perhaps even more impressive is that it was ranked by Only in Your State as the safest place to live out of every city in Oregon, and in the Top 100 by Neighborhood Scout for safest cities in the country. One thing that residents can always rely on is that their safety and security isn’t much of an issue!

But just because it’s a safe place to live doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything fun to do. Perhaps the most unique thing about the area is that it has access to Willamette Falls. These falls have an impressive volume of water and are in the Top 20 for widest waterfalls in the entire world. It’s location between West Linn and Oregon City is also unusual, as it’s much closer to urban areas than most falls of similar size. West Linn is also the spot where the largest meteorite piece in North America was found, weighing in at an impressive 16 tons!

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