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Moss Removal


For effective moss removal, Portland residents depend on All Around Maintenance INC. As your premier choice for moss removal in Portland and the surrounding area, this valuable service is a necessity in the wet Northwest. As a major factor in roof damage, moss separates roof shingles, weakens waterproofing, and breaks down roofing materials. The end result can be a costly roof repair. Avoid this by calling us today for moss removal Portland homeowners have trusted since 1999.

Why do I need professional moss removal?

While moss is very damaging to roofing material and a roof’s ability to stay watertight, it cannot just be pressure washed away. Using a pressure washer can cause damage to a roof just as easily as the moss can. Moss removal Portland technicians perform needs to be carried out with care. Moss should be meticulously agitated with a stiff metal brush.

Full-scale brushing can also compromise the integrity of roofing material. That is why it needs to be done by a professional. Too much pressure can cause damage and too little can leave moss anchored to the roof. Once loosened, the moss is treated with a mineral wash that will kill it. It will die and fall away. Though the wash kills it, it will not harm other plants or grass around the home. It is also safe for people and pets. This makes moss removal Portland homes require incredibly safe and perfect for any property.

Portland Moss Removal That Does More

Our professional moss removal Portland services will also address algae, and any other debris stuck on the roof. We will get your old Frisbee down while also removing sticks and leaf debris that can collect in crevices between shingling. This debris holds water and can work its way under roofing material, creating room for more damage. The thaw and freeze cycle that allows moss to damage your roof causes its cellular structure to expand and contract. Over time this actually pries away granules that keep your roof water resistant and provide UV protection. When we perform moss removal in Portland we clean off any potentially damaging items we find, making us your affordable, full-scale roof care provider.

Your Premier Moss Removal Company

As a trusted name in the business for over 15 years, we’re your local go-to company for moss removal Portland depends on. We are not only experts in at moss removal, we provide other roof care services as well. These include gutters, windows, pressure washing, restoration work, and overall property care. Our friendly technicians are happy to come out and offer a no-pressure estimate for moss removal in Portland or whatever services you may need.

Enjoy the benefits of professional moss removal today!

When you’re looking for exceptional, detailed, and complete moss removal in Portland call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us today.

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