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Could you use some help with your deck?

A deck is an integral part of any property. It provides a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors, creating the perfect backdrop whether it’s in front of or behind a property. It’s the perfect place in Vancouver to host a small get-together with family and friends, and even better with a cold drink and a hot barbecue. But if your deck needs work, it can be more of an annoyance than something you look forward to using. Let the experts at All Around Maintenance INC fix it up for you. We offer many deck services including deck cleaning, staining, repair, and restoration.


Deck Cleaning

Decks can be complicated to maintain, and many homeowners don’t know all that it takes to keep it in good condition. Proper cleaning is one of the important ways you can keep your deck strong for years to come. And if you use us for your deck cleaning you can expect many benefits, including:

Maintaining your deck’s appearance

Sun and rain can damage your deck. UV radiation wears away paint, and rain can cause wood to rot. Our deck cleaning is incredibly thorough. We sweep off and remove major debris before carefully pressure washing away dirt and grime. This is the most efficient way to get complete cleaning before continuing.

Protecting your personal safety

Without regular deck cleaning, your deck can quickly succumb to moss, mold, and mildew buildup. This can get tracked in-doors or blow inside where it can continue to thrive. It also presents a major slipping hazard and may conceal areas of rot. Decks that are never cleaned hide rot damage, and this can lead to major injury and restoration costs down the line.

Preserving your deck

We take steps to ensure your deck isn’t just clean, but protected. When paired with our staining or protectant services, deck cleaning restores your deck and ensures it can stand up to the elements. Regularly scheduled deck cleanings preserve and significantly increase the lifespan of your deck.

Deck staining provides many substantial benefits. Here are a few things you can expect:
Nobody likes getting hurt, and wood decks can present a number of hazards. Wooden beams can slowly rot, eventually breaking under an unsuspecting person’s weight. Splintering can lead to aggravating hand and foot injuries.

Staining and deck sealing both preserve wood, keeping it from cracking and splintering. It also acts as a water repellent. Since moisture is the catalyst for the bacteria that causes wood to rot, it protects your beams from premature wear and makes sure your deck brings joy instead of injury.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your deck slowly waste away. Protecting it is important for your comfort and your wallet. Outdoor lovers depend on seals and can greatly improve deck longevity. Professional application of wood stains increase your deck’s natural protection and helps it repel water.

It also helps to protect your deck from rot, termites, and UV damage. This prevents fading, warping, twisting, and buckling. Without deck staining, you aren’t just taking a chance their deck will prematurely wear; you’re practically guaranteeing it.

This is a benefit of staining that often goes overlooked but can’t be overstated. With its unique whirls and patterns, wood is a gorgeous material. Simply painting your deck covers this entirely, removing the natural beauty of your deck.

We have high grade, professional stains designed for lasting protection while accentuating your deck. Specific stains can bring out the color in different woods, and our deck staining experts will help you decide on one for strength and aesthetic appeal.


Whether you’ve owned your deck for years or you’ve just installed a new one, there’s nothing like deck staining to protect it from elemental damage and natural wear. And our thorough process leaves nothing to chance. We begin the with a careful and thorough pressure washing that removes grime, mildew, mold, and other contaminants from your deck. The older a deck is the more necessary this step becomes. Contaminants keep stains from properly adhering to your deck, so we make sure it’s spotless before continuing.


Deck restoration

Is your deck looking older than it’s age? Do you remember it looking much better than it does now? Then give us a call and we can restore it back to its state of glory once more.

When you treat a deck like you do the inside of your house, making sure it’s clean and properly maintained, it can actually last up to twice as long as a deck that isn’t maintained. This saves you money in the long run as it is much cheaper to perform restoration than it is to have it completely replaced.
A beautiful deck can make a world of difference in your outdoor experience. We’ll return your deck to its natural state. Cleaning, sanding, and staining the wood can remove even decades of wear. This allows the color of the wood to return and makes your whole yard much more appealing.


When you get regular deck maintenance, even before it becomes damaged, it increases the life of your deck. . Why tempt a deck replacement when you can keep it sealed, clean, and free of the damaging effects of mold and mildew?
A shabby looking deck easily ruins the aesthetic appeal of your yard. This decreases enjoyment and use of your deck. Proper repairs return your deck to a pre-damaged state improving beauty and restoring durability.
Not only does a deck in good repair add beauty for your own enjoyment, it also helps hold up the resale value or your home. Before you put it on the market, make sure to have any deck problems repaired. This will help to increase your ROI.
When you get regular deck maintenance, even before it becomes damaged, it increases the life of your deck. . Why tempt a deck replacement when you can keep it sealed, clean, and free of the damaging effects of mold and mildew?
Continual upkeep for your deck is much cheaper in the long run than a full replacement.
Deck Repair

Weather and time can be hard on decks. They warp, splinter, and get slippery with mold and mildew. In time they not only become an eyesore but can also become a hazard. Don’t wait until someone slips and falls on your deck before getting that repair you’ve been needing.

What are some common reasons to get deck repair done?

The surface of a deck is exposed to the elements. The heat and sun can warp a deck, even causing it to splinter. In the wet months, mold and mildew are a destructive force on a deck. If these factors continue without deck cleaning or deck repair, they can easily become costly damage that can completely ruin the structure of your deck.

Deck repair now can save money later

Waiting until the deck completely gives out can be a costly error, and one that you don’t have to make. If your deck is in poor condition, a repair can provide many advantages you would otherwise miss out on.