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Keeping your roof free of debris or moss is extremely important for the longevity of your roof. Roof cleaning in Portland can significantly extend the life of your roof. All Around Maintenance INC offers complete cleaning solutions for a variety of roof types, and will guarantee you an absolutely spotless roof.
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Many customers are unaware of the benefits of roof cleaning. They incorrectly assume that roofs are specifically designed to withstand natural wear. Though they are designed to hold up to the elements, this can be severely compromised by biological agents. Roof cleaning corrects these imbalances, allowing your roof and gutter system to function at its best. After our technicians are finished cleaning your roof in Portland, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Prevent damage caused by moss growth – Though it might look innocent, moss is anything but. It causes major problems to your roofing and gutter systems.
    • Stop prying up of shingles and prying off of protective granules. As moss freezes, thaws, and grows it slowly destroys your roof’s layers of protection.
    • Maintain your roof’s elemental resistance. Once granules are removed the sun will dry out shingles. This removes their ability to deflect water.
    • Keep water from running under shingles. Clumped moss also pushes water beneath shingles. This can lead to leaking roofs, rotting wood, and other moisture damage.
  • Prevent your roof from becoming a natural habitat. – There are many animals that find a dirty roof attractive. Birds will often nest in stuffed gutters and downspouts. Several termite species may also thrive in the wet mucky debris that can build in gutters. It also only takes a thimble of standing water to allow mosquito larva to fully mature. A clean roof doesn’t allow for standing water, directing it to your gutters, downspout, and away from your home.
  • Extend the life of your roof – Studies have indicated that regular professional roof cleaning can double the life expectancy of your roof over those that are not maintained. With the average roof designed to last 30 years, don’t let inaction prematurely destroy your roof. With a new roof costing between 12,000 and 20,000 dollars it’s an investment that requires cleaning to perform its best. Those numbers don’t take into account the cost of additional damage associated with dirty roofs. Leaks can rot structural beams and clogged gutters can direct water into your foundation where it can cause cracks. Our professional roof cleaning in Portland can prevent this from occurring, and save you substantial amounts of money over time.

Roof Cleaning for All Roof Types

Our experience and knowledge allows us to safely clean all roof materials. Just some of the roof types we clean most often include:

Professional Roof Cleaning Portland Trusts

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We use commercial grade equipment and products that increase efficiency while thoroughly cleaning.
We operate throughout the Portland metro area and provide cleaning for homes, businesses, and industrial properties.
Our technicians are thoroughly trained and can clean without risking damage to your roofing.

The experience you want in a roof cleaner.

All Around Maintenance Inc has been in operation since 1999.
We frequently work on HOA overseen properties in a wide range of neighborhoods and can meet stringent standards.
Continuing education keeps us up to date on the best green cleaning products and advances.

Don’t Risk Your Roof!

Roof cleaning is a difficult skill to acquire. Just because you can start a pressure washer and scrub with a brush doesn’t mean you know how to use them. There are a variety of factors that determine how and what methods we use to clean a roof. These include the age of the roof, existing damage, level of dirt, and most importantly, material. Different material types are best served by specific motions and pressures. Inexperienced pressure washing and scrubbing can strip and damage a roof. Why risk your whole roof by self cleaning?

Our equipment is much more exacting than non-commercial options. When it comes to a detail like water pressure, it can truly mean the difference between a spotless roof and a damaged roof. Our moss treatments are formulated specifically to provide the best results in a wet environment. Our signature hand cleaning, pressure washing, and treatment methods ensure you get a complete roof cleaning that continues to protect.

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