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Dry rot can be a BIG problem for homes in the Pacific Northwest given the prevalence of older homes and significant moisture. To make matters worse, dry rot spreads quickly and can happen without your knowledge at all.

At All Around Maintenance, we work with homeowners to investigate and ensure Portland dry rot repairs are safe and efficient. We work on homes of all sizes and will work with you to find a solution that keeps your house safe and stops dry rot in its tracks.

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What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a form of wood decay that is caused by fungi. The fungi break down the wood and cause it to lose its strength, creating a dangerous situation inside your home.

Dry rot occurs when wood becomes wet and stays wet, and is often caused by an unknown leak or moisture issue somewhere in the house. It commonly occurs in houses that have flooded.

Common signs of dry rot include:

  • Wood with a blocky fungus appearance
  • Area of wood that is sunken
  • Darkening and cracks in wood structures
  • Wood that looks like the outside of a mushroom with shades of silver and gray

High-Quality People, Products, and Process

At All Around Maintenance, we believe that the secrets to the best possible home Portland dry rot repair are an outstanding team and an efficient process.

Our Portland dry rot repair specialists have seen it all and know the signs of dry rot and how to repair it in and out. We’ve designed our process to ensure your home is safe and that the entire experience is convenient for you.

You can trust that we’ll only use modern practices and the best products when repairing your home. This ensures fantastic results and that your home will stay in good condition for years.

“Alex and his team are prompt, polite, and efficient. I have always been pleased with their work and would highly recommend them!”

– C. L.

Our Approach to Portland Dry Rot Repair


Once you contact us, we’ll come out to your home to investigate the issue. We’ll determine the root cause of the dry rot and what areas of your home have been affected by the fungus and are damaged.


We’ll recommend a solution that will fix the underlying problem and replace the irreparably damaged wood. We’ll lay out fully what to expect on price, timeline, and what we’ll have to do to remedy the situation.


Our team will come out to your home when agreed and get to work fixing the dry rot issue. Depending on the particulars of your issue, we’ll fix leaks, shore up any roofing or siding issues, and make sure to leave your home as good as new.

About All Around Maintenance

Our Portland dry rot repair company is proud of our reputation for outstanding service. We’ve helped 3,000+ homeowners and businesses in the area.

We take great pride in our team and are committed to hiring the best people and empowering them to do their very best work. When it comes to our Portland dry rot repair process, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

  • Working efficiently and respectfully on your property

  • Communicating clearly

  • Solving problems

  • Keeping our promises

  • Finishing on schedule

  • Delivering results that last

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you don’t love our work, let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

We’ve won awards from Angie’s List for 6 years running and have been featured in The Columbian!

Questions About Dry Rot Repair

What causes dry rot in Portland homes?

Dry rot is typically caused by a combination of moisture and fungal growth. In the Portland area, the damp climate can contribute to the development of dry rot. Leaky roofs, plumbing issues, or poor ventilation can exacerbate the problem.

How can I identify dry rot in my home?

Look out for discolored, cracked, or sunken wood, as well as a musty odor. Our professionals at All Around Maintenance are skilled in conducting detailed inspections to accurately identify dry rot and assess its severity.

Why is it essential to address dry rot promptly?

Prompt intervention is crucial to prevent further structural damage. Dry rot weakens wood, compromising the integrity of your home. Timely repairs can save you from more extensive and costly renovations in the long run.

How can I prevent dry rot?

To prevent future dry rot, take proactive measures such as:

  • Ensuring proper ventilation
  • Promptly addressing leaks
  • Conducting regular inspections
  • Maintaining a dry foundation
  • Using treated wood
  • Applying protective coatings
  • Installing vapor barriers in high-humidity areas
  • Monitoring indoor humidity levels

These steps collectively reduce the risk of moisture-related damage and fungal growth. For personalized guidance, consult with our experienced team at All Around Maintenance.

What steps should I take if my house has been flooded?

After a house flood, swift water removal, thorough drying, and mold prevention are essential steps to prevent issues like dry rot. Addressing structural damage promptly, making necessary repairs, and seeking professional assistance, like All Around Maintenance, contribute to a comprehensive approach.

Establishing a post-flood maintenance routine ensures ongoing protection against moisture-related problems, including dry rot. Overall, a proactive and thorough recovery process minimizes the risk of long-term damage and enhances the resilience of your home.

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