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Deck Repair


Weather and time can be hard on decks. They warp, splinter, and get slippery with mold and mildew. In time they not only become an eye sore but can also become a hazard. Don’t wait until someone slips and falls on your deck or you have to double think that backyard barbecue. Call All Around Maintenance INC today for professional deck repair Portland decks need. We expertly refinish, repaint, reseal, and restore your deck so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

Decks provide a space to enjoy your yard. When they are in good shape, a deck can be a gathering place for family and friends most of the year. Adding benches or patio furniture along with shade structures increases the functionality and beauty of your deck. Our deck repair professionals can help you achieve the optimal look and usage for your deck in Portland.

Why schedule a deck repair?

  • Increase longevity – When you get regular deck maintenance, even before it becomes damaged, it increases the life of your deck. You will save yourself the expense of an unexpected deck repair Portland property owners don’t always set aside for. Why tempt a  deck replacement when you can keep it sealed, clean, and free of the damaging affects of mold and mildew?
  • Beautify your landscaping – A shabby looking deck easily ruins the aesthetic appeal of your yard. This decreases enjoyment and use of your deck. With deck repair, Portland residents get effective and thorough repairs. These return your deck to a pre-damaged state improving beauty and restoring durability.
  • Ensure safety – A deck with mold can be very slick in the rainy seasons. If a person slips and falls on the hard surface it can result in a major injury. If a deck becomes warped or splintered it can cause injury to people and their pets as they walk or run over the surface. Our deck repair Portland technicians can sands down splintered or warped areas and removes mold and mildew. Your deck restoration keeps your deck free of these potential hazards.
  • Deck repair saves money – If you let your deck go too long it will be too far gone for repair. Instead you will need a full replacement. Early deck repair Portland homeowners choose before damage gets bad is extremely cost-efficient. Continual upkeep for your deck is much cheaper in the long run than a full replacement.
  • Home value – Not only does a deck in good repair add beauty for your own enjoyment, it also helps hold up the resale value or your home. Before you put it on the market, make sure to have any deck problems repaired. This will help to increase your ROI.

Deck Repair and Refinishing that Portland Trusts

All Around Maintenance has been offering deck refinishing and deck repair Portland relies on since 1999. In that time we have build a large base of customer confidence in our services. We take the time to truly go over each detail with care because we are dedicated to good workmanship and quality service.

We offer a wide variety of colors and tones in deck refinishing stains and sealants. deck-repair-service-portlandEach deck repair Portland technicians perform starts with a thorough cleaning. At times that may be all you need. If your deck needs a new finish then we move on to coating the cleaned wood with top-quality stain followed by a layer of the toughest, most effective sealant. Our products are built to last through the elements, protecting your deck from further damage as long as possible.

Call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us today for your deck repair in Portland and the surrounding areas. Let us show you the difference we make in affordable, quality deck repair.

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