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Gutter Cleaning / Gutter Inspection


Are the gutters on your home filled with debris? Can you see nothing but leaves and twigs inside of them? Do they leak water out of the top when it rains? For many people, the gutters are something that sits far away in the background. They often aren’t thought about; until something goes wrong. Whether you’re doing preemptive gutter maintenance or need a clog removed, we’ll make sure to take care of any issues you have and prevent future problems from occurring as best we can.

What’s clogging my gutters?

If you’re asking yourself what’s causing a stubborn clog, it could be one of many things. Some are simply a collection of many things over time while others come from a single event. Some items that clog gutters include:


Leaves and twigs accumulate over time and can quickly fill your gutter, especially during autumn. Even if you don’t have deciduous trees in your yard, leaves can blow from a good distance and land in your gutter and form a clog.


Animals can cause clogs in your gutter in many ways. Nests are one common method, especially for birds, as gutters naturally provide a stable place to keep the nest from moving, and when the birds leave the nest stays behind.


When a toy gets stuck on a roof, where does it go? Large toys like flying discs won’t likely clog your gutters but other items can. Items like tennis and baseballs, toy cars, and even socks can end up blocking the drainage path.

Call us for gutter service

An experienced contractor knows that gutters are more than an appendage to your roof. They serve the crucial purpose of diverting runoff from falling indiscriminately, and instead, direct it to a safe place away from your home. However, when your gutters are dirty or clogged, it’s difficult for them to do their job. It can even get to the point where they don’t work at all, and become more of a nuisance than a benefit. If your gutters are dirty, give All Around Maintenance INC a call and let us come by for our gutter cleaning service. We also do HOA cleaning to make sure that your gutters are meeting local guidelines so you won’t have any trouble.



Clogged gutters push water under roofing tiles and prevent water from running into your downspout. The downspout directs water away from your foundation. Clogged gutters let water pool around your foundation. This can permeate the soil and cause foundational cracking. Stopped gutters also allow water to wash beneath shingles. This can wash away granules that protect from heat and water damage. It also provides perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. Our cleaning services prevents this damage from ever occurring.
Many animals are opportunists. When a nest is already built they’ll move right in. Birds frequently choose clogged gutters when most of a nest has already built itself. Mosquitoes also breed in standing water, even the tiny pools made by gutter clogs. Certain termite varieties are also attracted to wet, compacted refuse, and may move onto your home shortly after.
The simplest way to maintain a property’s value is to maintain the property. Our professional gutter cleaning services are much more affordable than repairing damage from clogged gutters. Pest control, landscaping, and your home’s very foundation all benefit from regular gutter cleaning.

While they might seem like a trifling thing, clogged gutters can cause numerous problems. Call us when you’re ready for easy gutter cleaning.



Homeowners associations can have incredibly strict standards. This can extend to a wide variety of areas, including gutters. It can be incredibly easy to overlook, but once that HOA letter arrives, it’s not something you can simply ignore. To make sure those requirements are met, using a qualified professional can save you money in the long run, and no one is more qualified than us.

We perform your entire HOA gutter cleaning. That saves you time and prevents any potential injuries. Roofs can be slippery and precarious leading to strains, falls, and more.
Clogged gutters can damage your property in a number of ways. Repairing problems associated with improper drainage is significantly more expensive than ensuring proper drainage we can provide through gutter cleaning.
We inspect your gutters while we work, ensuring any problems with the structural integrity of your gutters are caught. Our methods are easy on your gutters, but tough on dirt, grime, and debris.
When we finish providing HOA gutter cleaning, we ensure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned along with any exterior dirt. This ensures you get clean gutters that meet our standards and a clean exterior that meets your HOA’s standards.

With more than fifteen years of HOA Gutter Cleaning experience, we offer superior gutter cleaning services. With the knowledge to safely work on any property build, the equipment to handle the tallest roofs, and the attention to detail required by your homeowner’s association, your gutters are in capable hands when you choose us.


As experienced local contractors, we’re prepared for anything the Pacific Northwest can rain down on your property. Whether you need simple gutter cleaning, HOA cleaning, or just all around maintenance at your home, give us a call or contact us today for quality service at an affordable price!