What to Do if Your Roof is Leaking

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve had a busy day already of preparing for the week ahead and running errands. Unsurprisingly, it starts raining just as you’re getting home. Then, the clouds really unleash and it starts downpouring. And suddenly, you hear a sound dreaded by all homeowners: a drip drip drip coming not from the leaky faucet in your kitchen but… from your living room.  This might sound like a scary story to many homeowners out there, and for good reason — roof leaks can cause serious damage to your home if not addressed quickly. But handling an unexpected [...]

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7 Common Gutter & Roof Cleaning Mistakes

Maybe you’ve just noticed some moss growing on your roof. Or perhaps you’ve had the unfortunate experience of your gutters backing up during a downpour. You’re considering grabbing your ladder and solving the problem. How hard can it be, right?  As it turns out, it can be pretty hard. Safely and correctly cleaning roofs and gutters requires skill and the correct equipment.  Let’s take a look at 7 common mistakes people make when they try to clean their roofs and gutters, and how All Around Maintenance can help.    Mistake #1: Not cleaning your gutters regularly No homeowner wants [...]

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Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Do Yourself

Most of us are stuck at home more than normal these days. This has given us plenty of time to binge watch our favorite home renovation or DIY shows, and carve out a stacked to-do list of home maintenance projects.  While the shows might make it look easy, there are simply some home maintenance tasks you just shouldn’t do yourself because they are dangerous or just too time-consuming. Today, we’ll review some common home maintenance tasks everyone should know — and those that are better left to the pros.    Basic home maintenance everyone should know Whether you own [...]

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Attention Homeowners… Keep These Essential Services on Speed Dial (Be Ready When Disaster Strikes!)

Doesn’t it feel like problems crop up in your home at the worst possible time?  Your roof springs a leak the same week your kids are home sick with the flu. The new puppy pees right on the good rug before your boss comes over for dinner. You’re running out of time to do your taxes and right before you sit down to e-file all the power goes out.  If you want to get intimately acquainted with Murphy’s Law — anything that can go wrong will go wrong — just buy a house!   Be prepared! Take the sting [...]

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How to Find a Handyman You Can Trust

Are you a homeowner in the Portland or Vancouver area? Do you need help with a job around the house? Maybe you’re too busy to keep up with your landscaping. Or your roof has started to leak. Who can you call to help? Sure you could call the first number you find, but how will you know the company you’re working with will do a good job? Today, we’ll share our tips to help you find a handyman you can trust.   Are they protecting you? Here at All Around Maintenance, our team is changing how we work to [...]

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Why Is Moss so Bad for Your Roof?

Everyone worries about a tree falling on their roof. But fuzzy green moss poses a big risk to your roof, too! Moss growth is one of the first things our roof maintenance team looks for when inspecting a roof. Let’s find out why moss is so bad for your roof  — and what you can do about it.   What is moss? Because of the cool, moist climate in the Portland area, a lot of stuff can grow on your roof! Homeowners often mistake algae and mildew for moss — and vice versa. Roof moss is a more damaging [...]

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