Doesn’t it feel like problems crop up in your home at the worst possible time? 

Your roof springs a leak the same week your kids are home sick with the flu. The new puppy pees right on the good rug before your boss comes over for dinner. You’re running out of time to do your taxes and right before you sit down to e-file all the power goes out. 

If you want to get intimately acquainted with Murphy’s Law — anything that can go wrong will go wrong — just buy a house!


Be prepared!

Take the sting out of these home disasters by being prepared. Put together a list of essential professionals and service providers right now so you know who to call when the you-know-what hits the fan. (You’ll be glad you did!)


How to find trustworthy and reliable home service providers

  1. Ask your friends and family – Referrals are a GREAT way to find contractors, handymen, and other home service providers.
  2. Look at online reviews – A single 5-star or 1-star review won’t tell the whole story. Instead, look for trends and common complaints and issues.
  3. Ask smart questions – Get info about warranties, guarantees, licenses, insurance, financing, etc.
  4. Give your feedback – Don’t settle for subpar work if you’re not happy with the service you’re getting. Great companies will take your words to heart and improve their work in the future.



We might be biased here, but a good handyman is worth their weight in gold.

There’s not much they can’t do. With a single call to your handyman, you can probably knock out a half dozen projects. Skip the frustration of calling around and finding that your contractor, roofer, and landscaper are all booked solid for the next month.

Here at All Around Maintenance, it’d be easier to list the things we don’t do. Our most popular handyman services include:



While your handyman can handle basic clogs and leaks, for more serious work you’re going to need a good plumber. Plumbers are valuable not only in emergencies but when you’re looking to evaluate possible upcoming repairs like whether a sewage line needs to be replaced or if there are opportunities to lower your water bill.



As a team of trusted Portland and Vancouver area handymen, there’s one thing we don’t do: new roofs. That’s why you can trust us when we say you need a new roof. We’re not trying to upsell you on work we can do ourselves, nor will we try to clean or repair a roof that’s at the end of its useful life.

A skilled roofer who you can trust will work quickly and install a high-quality roof that will last literally decades with proper maintenance. There’s no reason to be scrambling and trying to sort out the studs from the duds when you finally do need a new roof.



Working with electricity is a seriously dangerous business. Don’t let just anyone install a new outlet or rewire the circuits in your home. Even a little mistake or working without the proper permits is a great big headache waiting to happen. Check out Angie’s List of the Top 10 Electricians in Portland to start your search!


Tree Service

The trees in your yard are awesome… until they fall over and crush your neighbor’s car. Keeping a tree service on speed dial is a great idea for when:

  • Windy, snowy, or icy weather is on the way. You’ll want to get those trees inspected and trimmed.
  • Trees are sick or dead. Better to get rid of them safely before nature brings them down the hard way.

The best tree services will help you save your trees. But they’ll also know how to safely cut down a tree, even one that’s tucked away in a tight spot on your property or one that’s right next to your house.



When you just get overwhelmed by life, one of the best ways to reduce your stress and treat yourself is to get someone to clean your home. Professional cleaners get the hard-to-reach spots you skip over. Just imagine how it’ll feel to walk into a sparkling clean home and you didn’t have to lift a finger to make it happen.

Beyond just a house cleaner, it’s a good idea to keep a few specialists on speed dial, too:

  • Carpet and rug cleaners – Don’t rent a steamer from the supermarket. They’re gross and just don’t work. Get help from a pro who has the right tools for the job. Specially-formulated chemicals can even get pet urine out of delicate fabrics!
  • Organizers – When possessions pile up, a professional home organizer can help you make sense of it all. And if you need someone to haul stuff away, All Around Maintenace’s junk removal team is just a phone call away: (503) 209-2023.
  • Paper shredders – OK this isn’t exactly a cleaner, but a paper shredding service is a cheap investment that can be a lifesaver compared to having your identity stolen! Office stores sometimes have free shredding days, but an on-demand shredder can come to you, 24/7/365.


Pest Control

Spiders, ants, rodents, moths, and bed bugs are frighteningly common here in the Portland and Vancouver areas. And DIY pest control “tricks” just don’t work — sometimes they even make the problem worse! Modern pest control is very eco-friendly and very safe. There’s just no reason to live with pests and bugs when getting rid of them is so easy. 

Proactive pest control treatments are the best way to keep infestations at bay. But when you bring bed bugs home on a business trip, you’re going to want someone you can count on to take care of the problem ASAP. Find a great pest control company and keep their number handy!


Pet Sitter and/or Babysitter

Who do you trust with your (fur) babies?

Long gone are the days of trusting the teenager down the street. Pet sitting and babysitting are big business. Apps are making it easier than ever before to connect with a trustworthy caregiver. But once you find a sitter you like and that you trust, get their contact info so you can reach out directly when you need them!


Who else do you count on?

So here’s our list:

  1. Handyman
  2. Roofer
  3. Electrician
  4. Plumber
  5. Housecleaner
  6. Tree service
  7. Pest control
  8. Pet Sitter/Babysitter

What other home service providers have you found indispensable? Contact us online and let us know!