Replacing your home’s roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make as a homeowner in Portland. There’s no way around it: no roof lasts forever. Eventually, you’re going to have to replace your roof.

But there is good news! With regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and small repairs, you can get the most bang for your buck out of your roof. Here at All Around Maintenance, we’ve seen a lot of roofs in the Portland area and are here to share all of the roof maintenance tips we give homeowners.

Watch for signs of trouble

Be on the lookout for shingles that appear curled or loose or that fly off during strong winds. Even a single loose shingle can be cause for concern because it might be a sign that others are loose, too. Other roof warning signs to watch out for include:

  • Peeling paint near the roof could be a sign of water damage
  • Dark, dirty, or mossy shingles mean your roof needs a cleaning
  • Leaks in the attic — or anywhere else in the house!
  • Sagging roof or rafters
  • Daylight visible in your attic — small holes in the roof can let in light (and water!)
  • Unexpectedly high energy bills might signal your roof isn’t insulating as well as it once did

Wildlife and insects

Bugs and wildlife are always looking for sources of food and warm places to nest. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained roof can look like a red carpet invitation to these pesky critters. Loose shingles and even small holes in your roof can lead to a frustrating and costly infestation. By making sure your roof is in tiptop condition, it’ll be less inviting to pests and wildlife.

Look out for moss

With our long, damp, and dreary winters, moss is a major cause of roof issues here in the Portland area. Moss growth is insidious and once it takes hold, it can get deep into the roof, causing shingles and shakes to lift away and cause leaks in your home.

Moss growth is also common because so many roofs in Portland are shaded by trees. Even when it’s not raining, your roof doesn’t get a chance to dry out. This creates the perfect environment in which moss can flourish. Cleaning moss off isn’t enough. Microscopic spores remain and the moss will just grow back. Our moss removal service uses a more targeted approach:

  • Removing moss and other debris by hand
  • Thoroughly scrubbing away any remaining moss and vegetation
  • Cleaning and unclogging downspouts and gutters
  • Applying powerful moss removal agents

Our process actually keeps moss from growing back. We guarantee it! If you see moss growing back within 6 months, we’ll reapply the treatment FREE of charge to you.

Trim and prune trees

Many homeowners overlook the threat that trees pose to their roofs. Particularly during the winter, wind and ice can cause branches and tree limbs to fall, damaging your roof. It’s important to have any trees that hang over your roof inspected and trimmed. In addition to roof damage, falling leaves can clog gutters and downspouts, leading to pooling water near your home — a common cause of foundation damage.

Are you buying a home in Portland?

It should go without saying, but it’s essential to have the roof of any home you’re considering buying thoroughly inspected. You’ll want to learn:

  • What’s the current condition of the roof? Are there signs of damage? Will it need to be repaired soon?
  • When the roof was last replaced? How much longer before it’ll need to be replaced?
  • Did the roofer provide a warranty? Are the home’s shingles covered by a warranty? Is the warranty transferable to the home’s new owner?
  • Be especially wary if the current roof was placed over the existing roof. Known as reroofing, this process can trap moisture and lead to serious roof problems down the road. Also when the time comes to replace the roof, you’ll have to remove 2 layers of shingles, which may be more costly. Take this into consideration if buying a home that has been reroofed.

Don’t work on your roof yourself!

The pitch (slope) of your roof can be deceptive. What looks pretty flat from the ground can seem awful steep once you’re up there. Plus a mossy roof can be very slippery if you don’t have the right safety gear. 

Thousands of homeowners every year suffer broken bones and other serious injuries when DIY roof repairs go awry. 

Don’t let yourself become a statistic! At All Around Maintenance, we’re licensed and insured roofers who know how to work efficiently and safely. Leave your roof maintenance needs to the pros!

Start with an inspection and preventive maintenance

If you’ve been told you need a new roof, take the time to get a second opinion. We don’t do new roofs — only roof repairs and maintenance. Unlike many roofing contractors, we’re not incentivized to tell you to replace your whole roof. Instead, we’ll give you our honest opinion about whether your roof just needs a few fixes or a full replacement.

As part of our inspection, we’ll:

  • Answer any questions you have about your roof
  • Talk about signs of trouble we see
  • Review the quality of the workmanship that went into your roof
  • Give you an overview of our recommendations for next steps

From there, we can provide a no-obligation quote for any needed roof repairs. We can even get you started on a roof maintenance program designed to extend the life of your roof and protect your home.

Contact us today!